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Furman won't put the War Within stuff online as he's currently hocking photocopies of the scripts at conventions, according to the comments section on the above links he might deem to put a synopsis on t'internet at some point. He's only putting the Energon stuff out because he knows it wouldn't shift. I do hope someone who's actually brought the scripts puts scans out there at some point just to shoot his mercenary tendancies down. Or better yet if IDW did it, after all, they own all this cak now don't they? And with Furman dependant on them for comic writing work he's hardly going to complain if they did.

As for the Energon stuff itself, as with the actual published issues it seems a bit crap. Especially teh shock plot twist that it's not Earth in danger but some planet we've never heard of. Which in theory is a fine subversion of expectations but in practice is going for something less interesting that the obvious.

I always thought it was a shame the momentum the Armada comic had built up (easily the most consistently good title DW did, despite being the only one not entirely based around nostalgia) died very quickly once the title changed. I think the amazingly crap issue 18 didn't help. The main thing I remember about Energon is the bint clearly being blown into thousands of tiny little pieces in a block wide explosion at the end of one issue, only to turn out to be completely OK in the next. Something Furman did again in one of the ...tion issues...

but because he has a lot of spare time now
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