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Yep, it only works if your completely familiar with the original toy. Which I suppose you could argue most of the readership were, but I certainly wasn't.

I'd never owned Magnus, and at the time didn't know the cab was a white Optimus Prime (having never seen it transformed by itself ), nor that it formed the centre of the robot mode.

I think I'd always assumed, thanks to the UK letters page stating a few times when asked that the cab "wasn't "anyone" that it was a totally separate toy to Magnus that just came with him to pull him in carrier mode. It never showing up in fiction was never any odder than Prime's trailer vanishing all the time. This meant that whole sequence basically made no sense to me. I wonder how many others were in the same boat, especially as the early Dreamwave stuff sold to more than the dedicated fanbase thanks to the 80's nostalgia boom.

In fairness to Mad Brick (old jokes never die) I'd probably have taken exactly the same "**** off" approach to any future Transformers work as they did. I'd quote the "Fool me twice..." saying if not for the fact Pat Lee seemingly managed to fool them (and indeed, everyone else) buggerloads of times before they caught on.
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