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I think I'd always assumed, thanks to the UK letters page stating a few times when asked that the cab "wasn't "anyone" that it was a totally separate toy to Magnus that just came with him to pull him in carrier mode. It never showing up in fiction was never any odder than Prime's trailer vanishing all the time.
I'm open to correction here (I'm not researching it to check), but IIRC the cab robot wasn't advertised (IIRC it did feature in the instructions), and was a nice little bonus for me... But the only real paint apps it has are those to add detail to the Full Magnus (assuming you were lucky enough to have one of the ones they'd bothered painting), and while it did time as a surrogate Prime for a year or so with me (much to the chagrin of my parents, but let's be honest, Magnus was and is a shit toy) I don't think many people thought of it as more than a part (in the same way no-one with half a brain believed that Six-Gun thing)... For the Diaclone, Powered Convoy was shown to simply have two stages of robot mode, but I always got the impression with Transformers that it was simply less effort to leave it there than re-engineer the thing.

I certainly have trouble believing that anyone has a non-modified MP/Revoltech/Classics Magnus and is actually convinced by the whole thing.
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