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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
I'm open to correction here (I'm not researching it to check), but IIRC the cab robot wasn't advertised (IIRC it did feature in the instructions), and was a nice little bonus for me...
About the closest instance of any non instruction hint of how the cab and trailer work is one of the ladybird books drawing him very closely based on the toy and a few of the white cab details showing from behind (plus the frankly terrifying empty eyed head).

Tellingly, whilst letters to the UK comic asking about the cab were fairly common none of the ones I've seen ever asked why it looked like Optimus, just who this huy who came with Ultra Magnus was. I wonder if many children actually made the connection between the two? Or if Marvel just didn't print those letters as Hasbro might not like it being made obvious a lot of readers already had part of the toy...

In hindsight the cartoon actually jumps through some impressive hoops to try and fudge Magnus' transformation (much as it does with Rodimus). Isn't there a bit in The Rebirth where he's standing next to Optimus and both transform in exactly the same way, turning into the cab with the trailer rolling in behind?

The irony is, Magnus was presumably chosen for inclusion in the film as Diaclone usage was pretty much dead simply because he did have that whole Prime thing going on, it was intended to provide a bit more of a red herring as to who the new Autobot leader was ("Optimus gives the glowing ball to the guy with the same toy and latin style name, he must be the genuine new top dog absolutely"). Didn't really work.

And look, we've forgotten about Energon already.
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