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Interesting interview. I don't know if Lee is genuine about wanting to repay creditors. I used to work at an Accountants and we were heavily involved in insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings in which we basically participated in allowing clients to continuing in business by forcing insolvency/ bankruptcy/ liquidation through morally suspect but perfectly legal means. This means a big pay day for the variuous bean counters involved and creditors have to make do with whatever scraps are left, if anything. The business owner is then free to walk away and set up a new company...quite often by just cosmetic changes to the company such as reestablishing the firm without a need to close offices/ loose staff etc. They are then free to start again (and in some cases, repeat the process). I'd like to believe he's willing to repay creditors, but he'd be unique if he did...and why now, after six years..?

As for Furman returning to Animation, well thats possible. He did do the odd episode for below the radar cartoon shows like Dan Dare Adventures.
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