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A shame the synopsis for these Energon issues has only limped out now. I quite enjoyed the Energon comics at the time. I'd refute the suggestion that Armada was the better title. The opening arc in Armada is quite slow. Really slow, like everything's happening in slow motion. There's no danger or dynamism to the thing. The use of scale to show how big the regular Transformers are compared to the Mini cons would be great, but quite a lot of the time, this means we just get horrible contorted drawings of Megatron (always thrusting his crotch at us like some randy uncle at a wedding) and so on. The moon based storyline is excellent, but the following 'World's Collide' is tiresome nonsense. Although Furman clearly isn't happy when not writing for 'proper' Transformers, he eventually throws some weight behind Energon and figures if this is all he's getting, he may as well make the most of it. Sure, characterisation is at a premium, but it zips along at a fair old pace and the story is decent enough to outshine the painful noodlings of the p*ss- poor cartoon. Its just a shame that too much time has past for me to be bothered about how this would have concluded.
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