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I enjoyed the first few Armada issues, but thought it fell off a bit once they got to Earth and Furman's opening two parter was terrible (and yes, Mr. Lee's art was a large part of this but the script was awful as well. It felt like that, as this was the specific kids comic Furman was actively trying to write for a younger audience than usual and failing. Probably because it's something he never really did back in the Marvel days...). After that though it settled down into becoming a generally fun comic that generally benefited from not being about Big Events, with even the crossover stuff generally being more underplayed than Dreamwave would have done in one of their more fanboi baiting titles, Galvatron and company aren't allowed to overpower the regulars which is a nice thing.

Energon I found suffered from most of the problems Furman's had for the last decade, lots of little plots ultimately going nowhere. It was just begging to be canned early really.
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