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Hmm... Just been over to TFSource, to see if they'd had stock in on the War Axe. They haven't, and don't seem to be in a terrible hurry about it. This does not bode well for my preorder.

Also, my FansProject Protector / Sidearm still hasn't arrived yet. I have emails confirming that it was posted out on Dec 18th, and was shipped out of the US on Dec 20th. It is now Jan 2nd and, holidays and bad weather not withstanding, it has not yet arrived.

I have contacted TFSource, they tell me that I needn't worry, but I should probably check in with the apropriate customs website and have my tracking/customs number to hand (Directions, please?).

On the same day, I also sent a carefully-worded email to Royal Mail/The Post Office, politely asking them if they'd be so kind as to update me on the status and location of my package, seeing as its status on their tracking system hasn't changed from 'ADVISED' in 10 days; they haven't currently taken the time to send me even an automated response.

All-in-all, one might say that I could fit quite snuggly into that thorny little nishe labled 'Rather F***in' Concerned'.
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