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Possible toy listing:

SPOILER! (select to read)
New toy additions for the Autobots include:

Leader Sentinel Prime
Leader Bumblebee
Voyager Optimus Prime with Trailer
Voyager Ironhide
Deluxe Autobot Ratchet
Deluxe Autobot Skids
Deluxe Sideswipe
Deluxe Roadbuster
Deluxe Sponsor Car 2 (Wrecker)
Deluxe Arcee
Deluxe Air Ride
Deluxe Jolt
Voyager Military Helicopter

And in the Decepticon camp:

Voyager Megatron
Deluxe Starscream
Deluxe Barricade
Deluxe Crankcase
Voyager New Villain

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