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Somebody already got him from Robot Kingdom and was so disappointed due to the QC (see below). The paint is kind of powdery which is the same has been used on Generation Blurr. Glad I haven't put any penny on him so far. Who knows if just his bad luck or all are the same. And who know if Hasbro really does it, it will be better or not........

Ok, MP Rodimus was delivered today and so far I am not too impressed. He looks fantastic and I actually like the shell for Rodimus Prime vehicle mode. Unfortunately, he transforms terribly, I can't get him to lay flat in both vehicle modes, the feet are far too stiff to the point of me worrying that I will break him, the abdomen connects into the top of the windscreen in robot mode but it doesn't hold in very well, the back is supposed to rest on two pegs but that itself is held on only by friction, the hands don't store well in vehicle mode and to top it all off the paint is chipping on the right knee. I have only handled it for about 2 hours and this is my assessment. On top of all that, the plastic quality of the accessories is terrible (gun, saw blade and welder). I have handled KO's with better plastic. What a poor example from TakaraTomy.

I ordered it from Robot Kingdom, I am still waiting to hear back from them about issues I have with the the PE Ejector (missing the hinges on the back of the arms) I got on Friday. I may contact them but god knows when I will hear back from them. The paint issues are not just confined to the knee, after watching a review online I have noticed another area with paint rub, the spoiler. It fits far too tightly when you attach the trailer and I have slight rubbing there. Yes, the paint in that area is fairly powdery.

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