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I am absolutely loving Megatron! I'm concerned a Leader class version is not looking to be on the cards though - it's his best design, for crimeny!

Sentinel Prime also looks really cool - quite different, and if he doesn't just have angular fire engine parts on his back, and behind his legs etc. is a must buy.

I always wanted a Leader Ironhide - pity the actual thing doesn't appear to deliver. Where's the bulk? He's still scrawny, and looks to be less film accurate and with more kibble than the original Voyager figure...

Topspin and Roadbuster look totally mental - can't wait to see them onscreen!

Overall, I'm liking the look. Shame about the massive and tacky Mechtech crap attached to the line. Oh, and that Ultimate Butterfly Prime - what a disaster. They should have quit while they were ahead with Primes...

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