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about the gimmick with the so-called junk... I love it. Especially with the ROTF figures I always thought articulation and design were put above fun, and so far these DOTM figures actually look like something none of the ROTF figures did look like - like a toy.

I mean come on, is that
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Ultimate Optimus Prime
so bad? So far it does not look like it has any more articulation than Cybertron Leader Prime, and that figure is just awesome and still one of my favorites.

The DOTM figures might have transformations that are more simply, and I would enjoy that, because even though I love the Masterpiece-ness of my ROTF Prime, this ain't no toy. Toys are for kids, and kids want gimmicks. And collectors can keep them in the box, so it does not matter.

Personally I am looking forward to the line, my wallet does not.
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