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Does anyone have any idea when the RTS wave containing Lugnut will be officially released in the UK?

I put in a preorder for one over at Kapow Toys some weeks back when their website said "Due for Release: December/January", paid them, and then they waited a fortnight to tell me that the preorder wouldn't actually come through until 'sometime in March.' What kind of BS website lists their damn preorders as "IN-STOCK"?!

Now I'm sitting here like a fruit, wrestling violently with the idea of saying to hell with it and just importing one -- only problem with that brilliant plan is that Kapow's site doesn't seem to give me the option of canceling my order now that it's "processing", which is a load of BS seeing as they might not even GET the figure for the next 4-to-6 weeks.

'Case you hadn't noticed, I'm feeling kinda fcked off right now.
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