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Have had my fair share of problems with Kapow myself over the last 5 months. Their customer service is awful. The same person doesnt follow up on emails with most replies either irrelevant to the question or false promises which never happen (Mostly replied by Andy and Charlotte). Even their customer service by phone is awful and you get spoke to like something you wipe off you foot.
After 5 months of argueing with them I finally got my money back (which was over 200 worth). Am certainly not going to be in a hurry to buy from them again after nearly 3 years of using them.
Their number is 01603400602 if you want to call them which is what id advise you to do as their email system is dire.
I got an answer to my email two or three days after I contacted them, but it was blunt, and I got the impression that they were thinking 'Why the fck did you not know this?' and generally felt like I was wasting their time.

I ordered from them because they are a UK-based site, and appeared to have the figure in-stock at the time I ordered it. Now they have my money, and - this is what's hacked me off most - I can't seem to be able to cancel my order without getting in-touch with them directly.

Hell, I can't even find anything on the site that details my right to cancel at my discression, which is a legal right that MUST be detiled to the customer, as I recall, and should NOT be hard to find on any website.
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