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Upstate, NY

We get those damned things in at work every now and again. They NEVER last more then a day or two before we've sold them all. However I did figure out how to tell what's inside each package without standing there and molesting each packet for who knows how long.

I know Series One had a pair of barcodes on the back, one for the price and the other for...something. If you had a scanner, you know like an inventory control one, you could scan the smaller code and a number would pop up that matched up with what's inside. >.> While I know it's "Cheating" it does make searching for one out of the assortment go quicker.

Now Series Two has, along the bottom of the seal on the bag, little dots that look kinda like braille. They are real faint and you have to hold the bag juuuuust right to see them, but each figure has a pattern associated with it.

Did I mention I get really bored at my menial labor job?

I do, however, have a little LEGO Spartan sitting on my desk next to my monitor.
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