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These things are everywhere here, and my son being a LEGO fanatic has to have them all and multiples of certain figures, so I've got the whole "feeling them out" thing down to a science. I have never been wrong, after buying at least 30 of these things for him. The bar codes were sorta hard to figure out unless you had the print out right in front of you, but the braille thing is really easy actually.

The only ones we missed were the Zombie and Robot from series 1, and they just cost too damn much on eBay. In fact if anyone has a spare of either of those and wants to trade from anything in the current series 3 set, let me know and I can get you whatever you need most likely. The Target stores here are overflowing with the damn things.

@Cliffy that is too funny, becuase he wanted an army of Forestmen and ended up not finding that many of them when that series was out. We have found dozens of Elves though.

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