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I'm pretty sure I'd be rubbish at it even if I could feel the packages, it's jsut not the sort of thing I'd be any good at.

I just wish there was the same alternative avaliable as there is with Japanese blind-packed stuff - a facility for buying a case of the things and being guaranteed one of each, or two of each or whatever... Obviously you'd miss out on the collecting aspect but for me (with numerous other things jostling for disposable - that I can buy a GI Joe figure I want for about the same as 1 or 2 Minifigs I might not actually want often makes the decision for me... They're 2 over here a pop where you can find them) and I suspect a few others it'd be a winning route - maybe as a website exclusive or something so they're still getting the big impulse sales from kids, but there we go...

Ahhh, TBH, my opinion is well done to them - it's a great idea that's put a great brand/system firmly back in kids' minds. Lego's the most important toy in the world because it's fun but harnesses creativity, intelligence and imagination too, and it should be keeping kids happy rather than old bastards like me.
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