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I don't.

Geisha, chap with thr trophy (footballer? but no football?), artiste, hockey guy, scientist, blonde chick (Cinderella?), punk, sailor (like, fifteen if at all possible, to crew the ironclad) are all in for 4; royal guard, gangster, aerobics girl, boxer, gangster, Holmes, Gorillas in the Mist woman, lumberjack, teacher, Cleopatra and monster suit man are all in for 5.

Those are a bit Town-centric, aren't they? Odd, really.

I think with the clown it's the "LOL Evil Clown" factor, as IIRC they were all made in equal-ish numbers... Beyond that... dunno. Wasn't in the least bit surprised about the Spartan, though - there's probably a few nutters trying to do 300 with Lego out there.
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