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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Those are a bit Town-centric, aren't they? Odd, really.
Well...really, I can understand it. Town is by far the biggest theme, and the only one of the 'Big Three' that's really popular anymore (Castle is more of a niche thing nowadays, and Space has mostly been sidelined for Star Wars). Pirates used to be a big deal but it looks like that line's died for the second time now that they've got the Pirates of the Caribbean license. And nothing else seems to last more than a year or two, these days.

So from that perspective, since it doesn't seem like they can/want to use their licensed properties in the minifig series it only makes sense that Town would get the most attention. Making it 75% Town is a bit much though, IMO. Personally I'd like to see more historical or fantasy stuff...minifigs that wouldn't fit in with existing sets because Lego's never done anything like them before. Having fairly generic townsfolk just feels like a bit of a waste...but then, so does having a ninja, a viking, a dwarf, a Pharoah, a mummy and a Space Police alien when similar themes are either running right now or have run in the last few years.

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I think with the clown it's the "LOL Evil Clown" factor, as IIRC they were all made in equal-ish numbers...
I read somewhere that they're packed in different quantities, although it's probably a fairly minor difference along the lines of two-per-case vs. three-per-case. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if more of the potential army-builders -- Spartans, Forestmen, sailors, etc. -- were produced than, say, the skateboarder or the chick with the boombox.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Wasn't in the least bit surprised about the Spartan, though - there's probably a few nutters trying to do 300 with Lego out there.
I would be surprised if there wasn't, really.

It'll probably never happen, but I'd love a Greco-Roman theme filled with Spartans, gladiators, hoplites, centurions, legionnaires, etc. paired off against brick-built mythical creatures. Sort of like the Vikings sets they did a few years ago, but with more variety in both the humans and the beasties.
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