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Aye - the time for that probably would have been 10 years ago (Gladiator, Troy)...

I think the Town bias is probably just because there's a lot more that kids will recognise without repetition... I mean, to your average kid, the Medieval stuff has knights in it, and that's it - slight colour/armour variations aren't going to be a big seller to the nippers, and neither is, say, a medieval blacksmith or market seller or squire or baron or servant or peasant or farmer...

Thinking back to my old stuff I really don't recall that many Castle figures which weren't either knights or soldiers of some description, and many of those which weren't (like the blacksmith) were just knights without helmets or weapons. I remember the chick from the Tavern (as soon as you need someone to serve food, they get in a woman - brutal...) but aside from that it was largely Medieval Military, because all kids think of when they think of castles is knights, and all they think of in space is astronauts and robots.

Whereas Town/City stuff can be anything they come across...
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