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I think the Town bias is probably just because there's a lot more that kids will recognise without repetition... I mean, to your average kid, the Medieval stuff has knights in it, and that's it - slight colour/armour variations aren't going to be a big seller to the nippers, and neither is, say, a medieval blacksmith or market seller or squire or baron or servant or peasant or farmer...
Why must you list things that I'll never have?

Actually, I agree with you mostly. There's not much point in doing knights per se in the Minifig line (although a Templar or Joan of Arc or something wouldn't be unwelcome) and that is what the bulk of the Castle line is these days. But judging by how popular the elf seems to be, maybe some more medieval fantasy stuff would be a good fit?

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Thinking back to my old stuff I really don't recall that many Castle figures which weren't either knights or soldiers of some description, and many of those which weren't (like the blacksmith) were just knights without helmets or weapons. I remember the chick from the Tavern (as soon as you need someone to serve food, they get in a woman - brutal...) but aside from that it was largely Medieval Military, because all kids think of when they think of castles is knights, and all they think of in space is astronauts and robots.
You're right that there wasn't much in the way of civilian sets in the Castle of old. They stopped making them, so I suppose they didn't sell well, but I find it odd how strongly that reversed as the kids grew up. By the time I got into Lego the closest you could get to peasants were the Forestmen, who looked the part even if they were meant to be a Robin-Hood-esque band of rogues.

That seems to be changing now. Half of the Castle sets we're getting this year are civilian (admittedly just two of four...lousy kids not buying enough Castle to justify more production...), a blacksmith's shop and a farm/mill. How well they sell will, I suppose, determine whether or not we see more of them as time goes on.

And don't even get me started on how few women there are in Castle sets. Between it being marketed at boys and the historical role of women at the time, we're lucky if we see one female figure in each year worth of sets. That's another reason I wish the minifigs weren't blind-packed -- I'd love to scoop up a dozen or so random female minifigures and snag the hair for female peasants and nobles.

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Whereas Town/City stuff can be anything they come across...
Totally agreed. And speaking as someone who buys Lego for a kid as well as for myself, that's a factor for the sets as well when I buy them for my niece. City has a built-in bigger market to play to than any of the other themes. Not all kids are going to be interested in or familiar with castles or Ancient Egypt or ninjas, but you'll be hard-pressed to find one that doesn't know what a car or a house is.

On the other hand, I've always thought that City has much nicer sets in the low price points than the other themes I pay attention to, and that's got to be a factor as well.
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