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They've obviously taken note of how well the premium collector set 'Medieval Village' did from 2008. I love the premium sets, but they are just way beyond my means and what I'd be prepared to pay for a set. Its nice to see that Lego do seem to be testing the waters with the premium stuff and then trying a more affordable version for the core range. For instance, I am particularly pleased with the three piece shops and yellow bus that came out some time back and seems to have come about off the back of the success of stuff like the Greengrocers. It was quite a novelty seeing for the first time in about six years, a non-emergency service set coming out of the City range (so much so that I wrote a gushing review on amazon ).

reading through amazon's reviews, its quite suprising how many adults buy and enjoy Lego. The massive technic sets contain reviews from fellas well into their 60s! Brilliant!
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