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I'm not quite that humble.

For all it's worth, when I was changing the homepage for the G1 cartoon homepage, I added 'Reviews for post-Five Faces of Darkness Season 3 and 4 episodes are done by Blackjack' or something similar. Hey, I did that, I need to credit myself, no?

But for some reason when I uploaded the edited page it didn't show up and I didn't notice until you pointed it out now.

Although, what I want to do is to sex up the Movieverse section. I made the reviews, the guides, character profiles, and the transcripts. I want them up, but want permission first.

AND BEAST WARS! Plus give me two weeks and Beast Machines would be completed as well.

Which brings me to bear... Armada, Robots in Disguise, Animated and Prime. Which ones should I review next? Come on, decide my obsession for the next few months.
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