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I'm doing an episode guide in chronological order (Fight or Flee before Starscream's Ghost, for example) but it's slow burning, because I'm distracted by shiny things (ooo, the DOTM Prequel is out! Ooo, a new Prime episode! Ooo, MOVIEVERSE PAGE!).

After I'm done with blinging up the Movieverse page (and reviewing those errant IDW comics and last 7 BM episodes) I'll probably do RID concurrent with TF: Prime or TF: Animated. Modern and old, going in hand-in-hand. Only way to keep me sane with the Japanese shows.

Also added a link in the main Cartoons page that leads to our awesome TFTM resource page, with the transcripts and screencaps and song lyrics and all.

But more importantly, I am now credited.
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