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Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future
Airdate: 3 May 2000
Written By: Robert N. Skir
Japanese Title: The Whereabouts of the Future

Megatron stands gloating over Optimus Primal, in his new body. Megatron takes a moment to rub it in Optimus' nose, before gesturing for a trio of Diagnostic Drones to enter, with the Maximals' Sparks within. Optimus Primal watches as his friends' Sparks are added into the Spark container, and the two began to battle in earnest. A stray blast from Optimus hits the Spark Container's machineries, distracting Optimus enough for Megatron to punch him out of the Grand Mal. Optimus looks at the sparkless bodies of Blackarachnia and Silverbolt in horror, the two stopped mid-track from reaching at each other. The Diagnostic Drones begin repairs on the console. Megatron rubs it in, before attacking again. After another battle, where Megatron seemingly gains the upper hand with his rapid fire Optimus Primal flies away through the city scape, leading jet-mode Megatron in a chase until he reaches a generator storage area.

Optimus Primal blows up the generators, creating a huge explosion. Optimus watches in satisfaction as Megatron's left arm falls down beside him, but Megatron soon walks out of the flames, and kung-fu kicks Optimus away. Megatron reattaches his arm and transforms into tank mode in pursuit of a flying Optimus Primal through the city, jarring him back into Beast Mode. Optimus hangs on for dear life on the edge of a building, but Megatron destroys the building into two and Optimus falls into a river. Megatron follows in, and after a brief scene of searching, fires, causing Optimus Primal to be sucked into the hole along with the water. Optimus wakes up to find himself at the Oracle chamber, to find the orchard completely destroyed, and Rattrap and Botanica's sparkless bodies lying on the ground. Megatron arrives, holds Optimus like a toy, and takes him to the surface, where the Drones have released the Sparks in the Grand Mal out into a whirling mass floating above the Grand Mal.

Megatron heads to the Council Citadel and activates a throne from the topmost part of the spire. He sits down and begins to absorb the Sparks to supplant the Matrix and ascend into godhood. The sparks swirl around Megatron and enter his body. Optimus tries to get the Sparks and Megatron to get to his ideals, but they fall on deaf ears. Optimus fears that he has failed, but the Sparks of the Maximals, the last to be sucked into Megatron, speak to him one last time, imploring him into action. Finishing the absorption, Megatron grows into a large size and glows, and begins to burn a hole through the Citadel, right to the organic core of Cybertron. Megatron readies the Key to Vector Sigma to fire on the core, but is unable to do so because Optimus Primal shares the Oracle link with Megatron, citing a stalemate. However, Megatron traps Optimus in an energy shell severs the link Optimus Primal from the Oracle, and activates the Key, beginning to turn some of Cybertron's core into technomatter. After a moment, Optimus breaks free and fires at Megatron's leg, reformatting Megatron's throne into techno-organic in the process. Megatron is still gloating, thinking Optimus is trying to harm him physically, but the vines from the throne grab Megatron's arms, breaking his concentration. Optimus flies and tries to push Megatron into the organic core. Optimus shoots the vines and pushes Megatron into the core, stating that he's planting the seeds of the future, as well as finding balance between the technological and the organic, as well as eternal enemies. Optimus bids Megatron farewell, and the two die in a flash of light. The Sparks are released, and a bright light begins to engulf Cybertron.

The Maximals wake up to find Cybertron itself reformatted into techno-organic, with techno-organic trees as well as buildings. Cheetor notes that this is Cybertron as it has been before. Botanica and Rattrap hug. Botanica causes flowers to sprout everywhere. The Sparks return to their bodies, and the Transformers run across the hill. The Oracle shows Cheetor a vision, of Optimus Primal's spark flying away, telling him to transform and transcend. Cheetor says he understands. Silverbolt and Blackarachnia are about to kiss, when a tiny, techno-organic Waspinator with Thrust's head flies past, complaining. Rattrap swats Waspinator away, and regrets Optimus' loss. Cheetor tells them that Optimus Primal had finally achieved his dream of reformatting Cybertron.

The End.

Featured Transformers: Megatron (killed), Optimus Primal (killed), Diagnostic Drones, Blackarachnia, Silverbolt, Thrust (reverted into sort-of Waspinator), Rattrap, Botanica, Nightscream, Cheetor, The Transformers

And thus, Beast Machines ends. And what an ending, too. Sure, it's far from perfect, and the epilogue at the end feels a bit too long and happy. And Optimus Primal beats Silverbolt in the corniness department with his speech in trying to get Megatron to convert. Also, somehow plunging Megatron reformats the entire planet in a blazing flash of glory and resurrects everyone, causing too much of a happy ending. It's too convenient, if dramatic. It's a little unsatisfactory, especially considering the fact that if mortality was a little higher, it would really be a suitable ending to the tone of the series. It's not just 'Blackjack likes people to die', but it's more of a suitable tone for the ending of a darker series. But those are my only complaints in this episode.

The fight between Optimus Primal and Megatron is one of the best battle royales I've ever seen, making full use of their abilities. It does feel a bit too long after some time, but look at the pretty visuals and just enjoy the monkey and the crazy beat the crap out of each other. Optimus Primal's final moment of burning justice is well done as well, as is Megatron's crazy megalomania. Things are just so well done, that you feel sorry even for Megatron he just wants to get his ambition, and this little insect keeps getting in the way! Both Gary Chalk and David Kaye give it their all in this episode, and it's simply astounding.

The rest of the Maximals don't get much of a chance to interact, and I dislike Rattrap and Botanica's chemistry-less romance. Silverbolt's back to his BW persona after all is over, whic is a good thing. Cheetor transcends Optimus as a leader, and Cybertron's completely techno-organic. This ending, with Cybertron being techno-organic and everyone conveniently coming back to life, seemingly at the beck and call of the Oracle, is something that many fans have complained about, but I like it. It's a suitable conclusion, and well, the whole point of the series is to be different.

So ends one of my favourite shows. Beast Machines may not be as good as Beast Wars in terms of characterization, but it is a great sequel that simply tries to be a little different, and get endless tons of grief for it. It's a great show, and simply one of the best in Transformers. Sure, it isn't perfect, and has its faults, but it's got characterization, astounding CG, kick-ass Vehicons, a great set-up, a darker tone... Beast Machines! And it does too continue in fanfics, such as Obsidian's Lament, a toy-based done by Shane Anderson of TFW2005, something which I recommend. Compared to the redubbed shows which would plague Transformerdom until 2007, well... Beast Machines shines above all.

(Eight out of Ten)

The final episode of Beast Machines, and indeed the G1 cartoon continuity as a whole. Cybertron and its inhabitants are now fully techno-organic. Optimus Primal and Megatron are killed off for good. Cheetor succeeds Optimus Primal as leader, appropriately, after being contacted by the Oracle at the end. Also, Cheetor gets the last line.

Megatron stores his spark in the vehicle mode cockpits, the way Optimus Primal stored Optimus Prime's spark in 'Optimal Situation'.

Naturally, Megatron never transforms into Beast Mode, only the jet and tank modes. Arguably he uses them to more effectiveness than Optimus Primal ever did in Beast Wars.

Megatron walking out of the flames after his left hand is blown away is too similar with that scene from the Terminator to be a coincidence.

In this episode, the Oracle sort-of materializes/is represented as a spinning circle summoned into being by Megatron's mastery of the Oracle.

Again, Megatron says a loud 'yeeess' at his moment of triumph. Rather ironically, his last word is 'NOOOOOOO!'

Poor Thrust/Waspinator has been reduced to a wasp with Thrust's robot mode head and Waspinator's voice. And a tiny wasp too, at that. Quite obviously the CG model uses a mish-mash of Waspinator's beast mode and Thrust's robot head. This final comedic form has been jokingly referred to as 'Thrustinator' among the fandom, but he still refers to himself as Waspinator.

Waspy's line 'Waspinator never gets what Waspinator wants!' is an ironic echo of Waspinator's final dialogue in Beast Wars.

Before you ask, yes, Silverbolt is back to his corny chivalrous speaking pattern, and his romance with Blackarachnia is fully restored after a bumpy ride. Ditto for Rattrap and Botanica.

Even the fallen Grand Mal is also reformatted into techno-organic.

A scene with Obsidian and Strika returning to Cybertron, apologizing and then declining to be reformatted was scripted, but didn't make the cut due to timing reasons.

The last shot we see is a close-up of a techno-organic flower, blooming in glory. The first shot we saw in Beast Machines was of a similar flower, trampled by Optimus Primal and the Tank Drones.

It's never the end, and the story of Beast Machines will be continued by 3H in their rather convoluted and unfinished comic series Transformers: Universe and Transformers Wreckers. Yes, Optimus Primal is revived. Yes, they retconned the whole techno-organic thing being the will of Cybertron, which is the most unprofessional, fanwanky thing someone working in TF has ever done.

Thrust's body somehow ends up next to Blackarachnia and Silverbolt outside the Grand Mal, when his body should've been with Cheetor in the anti-grav room. Megatron or the Vehicons could have moved him, but whyever for?

When Megatron first transforms into his jet mode, his spark is briefly coloured blue instead of the proper red.

Silverbolt's pupil is shifted as if he's staring at something when he delivers his final line.

The generic Transformers look mechanical instead of techno-organic. Also, their leg motions on some of them look as if they are running sideways instead of forwards.
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