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Some randome RID/Car Robot thoughts/questions:

The whole idea of CR being set specifically in G1 despite what the American version does to the set up... is that what was originally intended? Because I always thought the Japanese version was supposed to be in its own, new continuity just like RID was (and that it was just as hard to fit in the original, with it being set just before the film the one continuity idea depends on both time jumping and the fact the G1 Autobots and Decepticons all agreed to never mention or get involved in what happened on the planet they were living on at the time at all).

Unless the original Japanese totally changes things about ("Hey look! It's Convoy and Perceptor over there just out of shot doing that thing that totally stops us interacting! Best ignore them though, there's a red sports car for me to molest in a way that will give certain Transformers fans hope they will one day stick their penis in a car") I can't see how ikt can be based in Japan G1.

From what I can gather, Car Robots was created as a standalone show with no links to the past, just like RID. But the OFFICIAL TAKARA TIMELINE (tm) made it OFFICIALLY G1 a few years later. With no involvement from anyone who actually made it, and thus I'm a bit suspicious of it.Same as I am of Hasbro's (well no, that may be a bit unfair, lets say enthusiastic fans and spin off writers who may be reading too much into Hasbro going "Hey, that Primus thing is cool, we'll go with that in the future") claims with a straight face that the Primus origin of the Transformers applies to all continuities, even though there's a whole five part story in the original cartoon showing something different.

In addition to the 9/11 bit in the notes, it might be worth adding that, as this episode of one of the few (the only? I'm no expert on exact RID transmission dates) episodes to go out before that happened it has at least one shot that would have been cut had it aired a week later, hand mode Megatron smashing through the side of a sky scrapper.
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