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The Japanese tries to churn everything in a continuity soup. To them Car Robots is just like Headmasters, Zone, Victory, Supergodmasterforce, only that it is set between season Two and Three of G1. Although the separate shows more or less ignores each other... IIRC after the Takara's official timeline or whatever you call it, some G1 Manga tried to smooth this over by having a bunch of Season Two Autobots build the Global Space Bridge.

I don't think the show creators meant it to be that, but Word Of God from Takara places Robots in Disguise, and even Machine Wars in the continuity soup of their G1.

Now that you put Hasbro's Primus thing to point... (Animated and even the Movieverse comics are pissing at Primus right now) I'll edit that in a bit.

The next episode, 'An Explosive Situation', aired on 10th September. It's the one with the Autobots and Predacons running around the city after a bomb hidden in a sexy red sports car Side Burn tries to molest.

Checking with TFWiki, yes, apparently the episode was edited when it's re-aired later on.
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