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The Hunt for Black Pyramid
Airdate: 14 September 2001
Written By: Tadashi Hayakawa
Adapted By: Marc Handler
Japanese Title: Resolute Jump! Mach Alert

The Decepticons' base moves nearby the undersea Black Pyramid, a new source of power. Gas Skunk and Slapper wire the pyramid to the ship's energy systems. Coincidentally, the scientist Dr Okasai is on a research vessel above, preparing for a trip to the Black Pyramid. Koji is onboard. Sky-Byte and Dark Scream, squabbling with each other, are sent out to destroy the ship. The ship changes orientation until the ship is vertical. Koji and the Doctor are lowered into the sea, just as the Predacons attack. Sky-Byte attacks the underwater compartments while Dark Scream assaults the crew compartment, knocking them out cold. Koji radios the Autobots for help. Optimus Prime leaves the fire hall he is stored at, and travels out to sea via Global Space Bridge and rendezvouses with the Autobot brothers. However, the Bridge can't extend all the way to the sea. The Autobots goof around as they leap across the end of the road, and make it there by a combination of swimming, jet boosters and jumping.

Dark Scream is taken out quite easily by Optimus, but Sky-Byte leaps out to sea. After Sky-Byte composes some bad poetry, Optimus makes fun of it and the two battle. The battle falls into the sea, where Sky-Byte has the advantage. While Optimus and Sky-Byte battle, X-Brawn repairs the damage done to the ship with T-AI's help. Side Burn heads out to help Optimus, and after a lengthy battle X-Brawn and Prowl pushes the boat back into its horizontal alignment, lifting both Sky-Byte and Optimus out of the water. No longer having the disadvantage, Optimus uses his 'Flying Fist' to knock Sky-Byte away. Megatron destroys the Black Pyramid so the Autobots can't use it. Afterwards the Autobots monologue about the Predacon threat.

Featured Transformers: Gas Skunk, Slapper, Sky-Byte, Dark Scream, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Side Burn, X-Brawn, Prowl
Notable Others: Koji Onishi, T-AI, Kelly

Is the whole sequence about Side Burn and the rest squabbling about jumping off the bridge really necessary? And this the animators clearly ignore the laws of physics. Other than those quibbles, though, this episode is pretty nice. Sky-Byte and Optimus Prime's battle is the highlight, and while a little repetitive, at least it has actual action scenes instead of random shooting and running around in circles like the Spychangers. And, well, Sky-Byte's first poem, too! It's a funny quirk, as it is. Dark Scream also gets some nice character moments with a little resentment against Sky-Byte, making him a wee bit more developed than the common goon, something that we won't see after a while. Other than that, though, this episode is about the average fare for Robots in Disguise. General silliness, Autobots trouncing the Predacons with little effort when it reaches the five-minutes-before-the-end-of-the-episode, and 'tsunami blaster!' 'blaze blaster!' 'shark spike!' all around. It's annoying yet fun to listen at the same time.

(Five out of Ten)

In Japan, the Black Pyramid is just an ordinary ruin which the Predacons use in order to tap into a nearby undersea oil pipeline. In RID it's an energy generating matrix chamber.

It's Sky-Byte's first poem! Not technically a haiku yet, though.

Note that the crew knows what the Predacons are, so despite the episode's title, it seems that the Autobot-Predacon war is now known to public. Except clueless ol' Kelly, of course.

Optimus Prime's 'Flying Fist' is the gauntlet that forms his Super Mode's arm, launching out of nowhere (RID Optimus' trailer disappears like his G1 counterpart until needed) and decks Sky-Byte.

The pyramid is based on actual underwater ruins off the Japan coast.

The episode's title might be a reference to the film The Hunt for Red October.

Why is Koji on board a high-tech ship like that? (Car Robots has a piece of dialogue that says the doctor had promised to take Koji along in the past.)

The Black Pyramid is first described as being west of Zuma point, then it abruptly changes into east of Zuma point.

Prowl disappears after jumping into the sea for the duration of the battle, only reappearing to push the boat after X-Brawn finishes his repairs, then disappears again until the end. Very jarring in Japan, considering his name is on the Japanese title.

Optimus Prime jumping from the Bridge to the ship breaks several laws of Physics.

A boat shouldn't be able to tilt vertically. Buoyancy and pressure stuff.

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