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Secret Weapon: D-5
Airdate: 17 September 2001
Written By: Kazuhiko Godo
Adapted By: Marc Handler
Japanese Title: Mysterious Weapon! D5

The Predacon trio attack an absent-minded scientist colleague of Dr Onishi. Slapper uses his tongue to steal a disk that belongs to Dr Onishi, and the three retreat when they see a fire engine, mistaking it for Optimus Prime. Optimus and T-AI wonder why the Predacons would steal a regular disk, but place the Autobot brothers on alert. In their base, the Predacons look at the images in the disk, and sees a steam locomotive with the brand D5. Megatron orders his Predacon troops to capture the locomotive. In the same room the unconscious Dr Onishi mumbles something about Grandpa. Unknown to the Autobots, 'Grandpa' is the same D5 train, which is a reconstruction of the D512 stanwich steamer train. Koji is among the passengers that ride the train, the Autobot brothers and Team Bullet Train are in attendance in anticipation of a Predacon attack. Midnight Express is pretty happy with seeing what he views to be a 'Grandpa' as well. Side Burn pursues Kelly in her red sports car and run her off the road. She gets licked by a cow.

Sky-Byte leads the Predacon trio to attack 'Grandpa', and Sky-Byte's attempt to sneak down the smokestack is foiled by smoke. Dark Scream's attempt to do the same is met with failure when the train knocks him off as it goes into a tunnel, and gets run down at Rapid Run. Midnight Express knock Slapper before he could try anything and the two battle on a beach. Gas Skunk uses a device to disable all fuses, stopping Railspike and Rapid Run, but the antique 'Grandpa' is unaffected. The Predacons are convinced that 'Grandpa' is some kind of powerful super-Autobot of sorts. The humans disembark as 'Grandpa' arrive in the station, but the Predacons commandeer the train. They manage to lose Team Bullet Train with a mixture of railroad switching. The train derails and heads straight into a dead end leading to the ocean, but Midnight Express refuses to let the train be destroyed. Hand-mode Megatron tries to grab it, but Midnight Express rescues the train from his clutches. Afterwards Koji and the Autobots understand that the endurance of the old relic is a symbol of hope.

Featured Transformers: Gas Skunk, Dark Scream, Slapper, Optimus Prime, Side Burn, Prowl, Sky-Byte, Megatron, Midnight Express, X-Brawn, Railspike, Rapid Run, Rail Racer
Notable Others: T-AI, Doctor Onishi, Koji Onishi, Kelly

Feels a re-run of Team Bullet Train to the Rescue, but without the entertaining battle scene at the end of that episode. There's too many banal scenes here. Side Burn chasing Kelly, the final battle, the brothers discussing random shite, the Predacons thinking that the bloody steam locomotive is alive, that twat of a professor... the only redeeming quality is the Predacons' butt-monkeying in this episode, as well as Midnight Express' na´ve view at the Grandpa steam train (even then it gets annoying after a while). That is all.

At this point, though, we must take a look at the target audience. Robots in Disguise is targetted for little kids, with episodic plots that won't harm the status quo. While the cast is smaller and the dialogue decidedly more banal compared to G1, it's still probably a fun show for those kids watching. For fans? Well, sadly, this is not the worst.

(One out of Ten)

Dark Scream suggests that D5 stands for Destron-5. Destron is the Japanese name for Decepticons in G1 and the Unicron Trilogy, and Predacons in Beast Wars and RID. Heck, basically the bad guys everywhere before the live-action movies.

The giant cannon that Gas Skunk uses has effects similar to G1 Starscream's null ray.

The Decepticon base visibly moves around, suggesting that it is mobile. In Car Robots, the whole point of finding energy is to make the base space-worthy again, but not so in Robots in Disguise.

What kind of scientist can't tell nitroglycerine and nitrous oxide apart?

The Predacons attacking the train full of passengers. Does the train stop so the passengers can escape to safety? No, it goes on with the full potential that one of the Predacons' attempts might've worked and killed everyone on board.

Railspike and Rapid Run switch paint schemes for a split second.

If a steam train with its coal engine still running plunges into the ocean, it should have exploded, by rights.

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