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please see above

Gee dudes, thanks! [/teary eyes]

Happy Birthday too, to Powl?

Yes today I am 26 years old. Thumbs up to TC'84, cool, dude.

Well, it was a great day, consumed turkey and guiness. Received an enormous scalextric set (ok, so I'm 26 but I love scalextric), lego tie fighter, cool new jacket, AC/DC Angus figure, 18" Movie Maniac Ash, 1:18 scale 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda in lime twist green, car accessories, dvd's and 'other stuff'.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of Christmas and my b-day.

Once again, thanks, it's great to be remembered.



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"Went to a party, I danced all night, I drank sixteen beers and I started up a fight. But now I'm jaded, you're outta luck, well I'm rollin' down the stairs too drunk to f*ck" - Dead Kennedys, Too Drunk To F*ck
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