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Mirage's Betrayal
Airdate: 18 September 2001
Written By: Tadashi Hayakawa
Adapted By: Richard Epcar
Japanese Title: Counterarrow's Betrayal

The Spychangers battle against the Predacon trio in a hologram simulation, but when Mirage sees a second Dark Scream appear he ends the exercise. Rev isn't really happy with Mirage's attitude and gives him a quiz on hand signals. Mirage excels in the test, and goes off on his own. Elsewhere the Predacon goons have created an electronic bug to track and listen to any Autobot they place it on. Koji watches that the world's largest ruby would be used in a giant laser. He tells Optimus Prime, figuring that the Predacons would want it. The Spychangers are deployed to protect the ruby. During the night, the Predacon trio show up and a battle soon flares up between them and the Spychangers. Dark Scream places the tracking bug on Mirage, unnoticed by the others. After stealing the ruby Gas Skunk uses his gas as cover, knocking the other five Spychangers into a screeching halt. Mirage, acting as sniper, is unable to open fire because he's afraid of hitting the chemical plant, and the Predacons get away. The Predacons return to their base and eavesdrops on the Spychangers. Mirage argues with Hot Shot, Rev and Wars, and in an outburst quit the team. T-AI and Optimus tries to contact the waylay Spychanger but he hangs up on them.

After asking permission from Hot Shot, Ironhide, being Mirage's best friend, meets Mirage on top of the building. Ironhide asks Mirage to explain, which he refuses, and Ironhide figures it out on his own. Mirage, however, badmouths the other Spychangers, causing Ironhide to lose his temper and deck Mirage. Knowing that the Predacons are listening Mirage, tries to tell Ironhide this through hand signals while he says that he would rather join the Predacons. Ironhide is too shocked to notice Mirage's hand signals, while Sky-Byte breaks down crying when he heard the break-up. The Predacons report this to Megatron, who gives them the 'go'. Mirage wanders around and meets the Predacon trio. Mirage agrees to join up to get back at the Spychangers, and Sky-Byte shows Mirage the cannon they have built. Mirage invites the other Spychangers (who are still unaware of the Mirage's faux betrayal) to stop the laser. At the location of the laser Mirage dramatically greets his friends that they've been duped, with dramatic hand signals, and this time Ironhide gets it. At the finger countdown, the Spychangers all fire on the Predacons, and Mirage snipes the controller out of Sky-Byte's hand. Mirage shows the others the bug, but the laser is still functional. The Spychangers extend the Global Space Bridge and circle around the laser, the kinetic energy directed back at Megatron's base. The Spychangers, mainly Ironhide, apologize to Mirage.

Featured Transformers: Hot Shot, Rev, Crosswise, Wars, Mirage, Ironhide, Dark Scream, Gas Skunk, Slapper, Megatron, Sky-Byte, Rapid Run, Optimus Prime, Railspike, Midnight Express
Notable Others: Koji Onishi, T-AI, Kelly

Much more like it. Instead of rehashing the Brothers or the bloody Bullet Trains all the time, the otherwise-bland-backup-squad of Spychangers get some characterisation. The fake betrayal is played pretty nicely although the hand signals is pretty silly. Most of the Spychangers get their own personalities as well, although they'll only stick for this episode. Mirage is, of course, Mirage. Bit aloof and arrogant but good deep inside. Ironhide is basically Mirage's na´ve best friend. Hot Shot is the always calm and collected leader. Wars is the battle hungry one. Rev and Crosswise are still flowers. Sky-Byte and the Predacon trio, for once not working under Megs' orders, are entertaining as well. The ending is stupid, though, with the Space Bridge randomly gift-wrapping the ruby laser. The episode is chock-full of narm moments, yes, but at least most of the scenes felt like it mattered. However, if this is the best that they could come up with...

(Five out of Ten)

Mirage being suspected of being a traitor when he isn't is a variant of the plot of the G1 episode 'Traitor'. Mirage being suspected as a traitor would crop up in the Dreamwave War and Peace arc, as well as IDW's Spotlight Blaster, and later All Hail Megatron maxi-series. No, Mirage isn't named as such in Japan so it couldn't be an intentional reference when Car Robots was produced. But RID certainly ran with it, since it was released more than a year after Car Robots aired.

Both Mirage and Ironhide are good buddies for a very long time. Coincidentally those two are the only Spychangers sharing names with G1 characters. While Ironhide and Mirage are fairly major characters in G1, I don't think they ever actually spoke to each other per se.

The 'International Exposition Center' is the Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center, and is identified as such in the original Japanese dub.

At one point during a panning shot in the Predacon base, the Predacon trio are clustered around the monitor, Slapper is replaced with a second Dark Scream.

As Ironhide transforms while jumping, his black undercarriage switches immediately into yellow without the normal transformation effects.

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