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Skid-Z's Choice
Airdate: 19 September 2001
Written By: Junki Takegami
Adapted By: Tom Wyner
Japanese Title: Out of Control! Indy Heat!

The Autobots watch a Formula-1 race, and watch as a pink F1 zooms in. Suddenly Prowl enters the racetrack and pursues the pink F1, demanding that he pull over. Prowl crashes onto a wall of tires after a tight turn, and the pink F1 wins and zooms away. Optimus Prime suspects that the race car was in fact the Autobot Skid-Z. Railspike mentions that Skid-Z has just arrived from Cybertron, but hasn't made any contact. Koji comments that the car that Skid-Z scans is similar to the late racer Auggie Cahnay uses and the racer's 'got-to-win' personality was left on the car, and suggests that when Skid-Z scanned the car, said personality also entered into Skid-Z. In a forest Skid-Z ponders to himself why he seems to want to be in a race every time one starts. However, he can't help himself as he runs to race in a go-cart, in a school marathon, and even against a tortoise and a hare. Sky-Byte arrives and tries to recruit Skid-Z to the Predacons. Skid-Z attacks, but hears another race and speeds off. Sky-Byte couldn't catch up.

The Autobots decide to hunt Skid-Z down. Koji suggests participating in the International Grand Prix, the only race that Auggie Cahnay has never won before. Anything with wheels can enter, and all the Autobots, including the Bullet Trains, enter the race. Side Burn hits on Sky-Byte (who is disguised as a red car). Sky-Byte thanks Side Burn for his compliment but asks him to get lost. Side Burn drives away, and the race starts. Apparently Side Burn is smart enough to realize that this was the first red sports car that ever spoke back, and tied Sky-Byte to a wooden post, yanking the Predacon backwards. However, Megatron arrives in his own car mode. The Spychangers try to slow Megatron down but he barrels over them (and a luckless Sky-Byte) easily. As the race heads to a mountanious area, the Predacon trio create rockslide to trap the Autobots, stopping Team Bullet Train from advancing. However, Optimus hops up and blasts them away. As he regroups with the Autobot brothers Skid-Z arrives. They try to stop him (with traffic cones, no less) but Skid-Z is determined to win. Megatron mistakes Sky-Byte for an Autobot and shoots him down, before sending a massive boulder towards Optimus and company. They catch the boulder but is unable to fight Megatron, and they call Skid-Z for help. Skid-Z hears the cry and stops, but Auggie's spirit wills him to go on. After a short dilemma, Skid-Z arrives in the nick of time to shoot Megatron, the boulder, and get rid of the Predacons. Having beaten his own internal struggles, he finishes the race with the other Autobots. Skid-Z wins, naturally, and declares that he won't have any problems... until Koji's watch alarm beeps and he runs off, thinking that another race has started. Optimus says Skid-Z will come back, sooner or later.

It appears to be later, though, because Skid-Z is seen in what seems to be Africa, still looking for a race.

Featured Transformers: Skid-Z, Optimus Prime, Railspike, Rev, Rapid Run, Hot Shot, Crosswise, Midnight Express, Ironhide, Wars, X-Brawn, Side Burn, Prowl, Mirage, Sky-Byte, Megatron (flashback and present), Dark Scream, Slapper, Gas Skunk
Notable Others: T-AI, Koji Onishi, Kelly

On one hand, the whole thing is so chock-full stupid and silly, what with this guest star Autobot Skids being possesed by a ghost of a racer. Fair enough, it's a harmless enough obsession. But the racing montage takes too long, and again people like Koji and T-AI spends too much time just yabbing about random, banal stuff which anyone could infer easily. Also, blatantly stupid things like Prowl trying to catch a speeding F1... in a race track! It's funny though when they make absurd things like having the Bullet Trains join the race, or Sky-Byte disguise as a red car and gets hoodwinked by Side Burn. Action scenes are okay, but that bit where they are trying to stop being crushed by a rock makes me grate. Skids' choice is so obvious, and there isn't even the slightest hint of conflict that he won't come to the Autobots' rescue. While not bad, it's boring and overlong to revolve around a character with a generic personality and a crazy obsession.

(Four out of Ten)

First appearance of Skid-Z, a.k.a. Indy Heat in Japan. Mirage is a repaint of the Machine Wars Prowl/Mirage mold, a mold that never saw usage in Japan before this toy. Before you ask, Skid-Z is pronounced 'Skids', instead of 'Skid-Zee' or 'Skid-Zed'. At least the dubbing crew are sane on this part...

The driver whose spirit possesses Skid-Z is named 'Auggie Cahnay', a reference to a race car driver from the G1 episode 'Trans-Europe Express'. In Car Robots, the driver's name is Goldback, G1 Goldbug's Japanese name. No, it doesn't make sense other than being a neat homage.

Likewise, the Europa 4000 is named after Europa 2000, also from the same G1 episode 'Trans-Europe Express'.

Skid-Z races past a tortoise and a hare (overtaking both, of course), a reference to the classic fable.

While not necessarily a goof, note that Megatron transforms into his bat (well, Megabat) mode to fly away, when one would think the jet mode would be faster. You got to promote all five alternate modes, remember! It's why he turns to his hand mode so often.

What the HELL is a police car doing in a race track?

The original Formula-1 car that Skid-Z scans already has an Autobot symbol on it.

How did Skid-Z enter the Grand Prix anyway? He's a driverless Formula One... For that matter, how did Skid-Z enter the museum to scan the car?

Why didn't Skid-Z contact the Autobots for help?

Where is the logic that if you scan a vehicle, the ghost of the racer inhabits you?

The Europa 2000 takes place at streets where people can get run down. Also, there are no stands for viewers to watch.

A goof lampshaded by Slapper moaning 'that's not fair, he's ignoring the laws of gravity!' Indeed, Optimus Prime's anime use-falling-rocks-as-stepping-stones does ignore the laws of Physics.

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