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Attack From Outer Space
Airdate: 12 January 2002
Written By: Kazuhiko Godo
Adapted By: Matthew V Lewis
Japanese Title: Aiming From Space! Shuttler!!

A space shuttle is launched into orbit by the humans, but they are unaware that the shuttle is really Movor. When he reaches orbit Movor began observing Autobots to locate their base. However, tracking Tow-Line and later Prowl proved fruitless, since those two are in the process serving the law and catching criminals. Megatron and the others are getting impatient. Movor then observes the Predacon goons carving a giant Megatron face onto the ground, having been fooled by Mega-Octane into doing so. He watches as X-Brawn battles the Predacons. Movor tries to warn them that surrounding a lone hero never works out, but X-Brawn knocks the Predacons down. Movor tracks X-Brawn, but loses track of him and then begins to track Side Burn, who is chasing Kelly's red sports car. Side Burn pursues Kelly around and around. Convinced that Side Burn would lead him to the Autobot base, Movor sends the rest of the Decepticons to attack the sector Side Burn seems to head to, but when the Decepticons have leveled the area they only find a graveyard.

Each location Side Burn goes to is reported as the Autobot base by Movor, leading the Decepticons to destroy summer homes, a power plant, an airport and a shipyard. Scourge and Mega-Octane are not happy. Kelly, meanwhile, falls down a hole and Side Burn loses her. The Autobots try to figure out why the shuttle isn't responding, and with some hacking and deduction they realise Movor has been tracking their movements. They trick Side Burn into going to a pier for a date with a red car. The irritated Decepticons are directed there by Movor. Optimus Prime, Prowl, X-Brawn and the Bullet Trains arrive to engage the Decepticons. Scourge and Optimus fight one-on-one, and Movor tries to attack Optimus from space. However, due to the combatants constantly moving around, Movor hits Scourge twice. Seeing their disadvantage Mega-Octane calls for a retreat. The Autobots laugh at the whole situation. Movor is knocked out of orbit by a satellite, burns upon reentry and lands in the ocean.

Featured Transformers: Movor, Optimus Prime, Scourge, Megatron, Ro-Tor, Armorhide, Rollbar, Mega-Octane, Tow-Line, Prowl, Gas Skunk, Slapper, Dark Scream, Sky-Byte, X-Brawn, Side Burn, Railspike, Rapid Run, Midnight Express
Notable Others: T-AI, Koji Onishi, Kelly

It's a pretty fun episode that gives Movor, Scourge and Octane some much needed characterisation. Movor as a clueless, scatterbrained yet genre savvy Decepticon is pretty fun, too. However, while the plot is much more realistic in a warring situation, that is, finding the Autobot base, there are loads of major plot holes that leads us to wonder how bloody incompetent the Autobots are... and how bloody incompetent the Predacons are for not utilizing the Autobots' stupidity better.

Yeah, because a bunch of villas, an airport, a shipyard and a power plant get blown up for no good reason other than comedy, this episode was never aired. Which is a good thing, I suppose... Movor is great, but a good deal focuses on Side Burn's stupid obsession. It's gone from 'stupid but cute' to outright irritating, especially when Kelly, nowhere likeable at all, gets involved. Nice action scene at the end, though, with hilarious results from Movor. Movor is great, Scourge and Octane are good fun as well, X-Brawn and Sky-Byte get some good lines. All in all not a bad episode, although after watching the likes of Prime and Animated whilst doing this review I can't help but be unimpressed that this is actually one of the better RID episodes.

Woe betide whenever I get to doing the Unicron Trilogy.

(Six out of Ten)

This episode was never aired in the US due to 9/11, since the Decepticons randomly blow up a lot of buildings and properties just for the hell of it.

Side Burn describes movies that are probably 'Titanic' and 'Jurassic Park'. Also, aliens that take over people's minds.

Prowl is 'unit three' by the Metro City police, and can communicate on their radio frequency. No idea whether it's part of his disguise or if the police employs Autobots now.

How can the space agency miss their shuttle replaced like that? And no humans responding? Are there no security?

When Movor tracks Tow-Line, the insignia at the bottom left of the display switches from a Predacon insignia to a Decepticon insignia at random.

When the Decepticons attack the graveyard, Rollbar is missing and replaced by Movor, who should be in space.

Why don't the Autobots mobilize when the Decepticons begin to blow up random properties?

Normally Movor's vehicle mode is about the size of the other Decepticons (i.e. the size of a tank or a helicopter). However this episode suddenly he becomes a full-sized space shuttle.

Why can't Movor fly out to space without the hassle of disturbing human launchs, which attracted Autobot attention? If he had, the Autobots wouldn't suspect Movor's plans at all.
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