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The Fish Test
Airdate: 27 September 2001
Written By: Yukiyoshi Ohashi
Adapted By: Marc Handler
Japanese Title: Secret Strategy! Gelshark

Slapper watches as Sky-Byte takes an online 'fish personality test' on the computer, but is dejected when the quiz identifies himself as a jellyfish. Megatron summons Sky-Byte, and assigns him to lend assistance for Scourge's latest plan. Scourge's orders? Remain at base and stay out of the way. Dark Scream manages to find out that Scourge plans to siphon energy from Earth's power plants, and Sky-Byte begins to concoct a plan to sabotage this effort with his troops. Scourge leads his troops to a power plant, and are ambushed by the 'Autobots', who, in reality, are the Predacons in disguise. A firefight soon ensues. In Autobot HQ, Side Burn also takes the fish test, but is interrupted by an alert on the power plant battle. The Brothers are dispatched, and begin to engage the Decepticons... and despite this being part of Sky-Byte's plan, the Predacons are caught in the crossfire, making their intervention blatant for all to see. At the Predacon base Sky-Byte is scolded severely by Megatron for interfering with their plans. Afterwards, however, Dark Scream gets word of the Decepticons' next attack location. Sky-Byte tries to warn the Autobots, picking Side Burn, but because he interrupted Side Burn's chase with a red sportscar, Side Burn blows Sky-Byte away. The Predacons track down X-Brawn, but the Autobot isn't trusting either. Prowl and Side Burn arrive as well, and after demanding that Sky-Byte perform a set of humiliating tricks to prove his sincerity, the Brothers check out the Predacon's tip.

The Autobots and Sky-Byte wait at the Bayshore power plant... only for both T-AI and Dark Scream to tell both parties respectively that the Decepticons are attacking a different power plant. The Brothers assume Sky-Byte has tricked them. The Bullet Trains arrive on the other power plant, and drive off the Decepticons. Sky-Byte sulks at a cliffside, feeling pretty sorry for himself. However, the Predacon Trio managed to convince him to try again, and Sky-Byte attacks a power plant by his lonesome... only to discover that Megatron and the Decepticons are already there, siphoning energy covertly, and Sky-Byte's grandiose attack has only drawn the Autobots on-site. Both Megatron and the Autobots give Sky-Byte hell, both verbally and physically. Sky-Byte finally manages to escape the Autobots... only to be scolded again by Megatron at HQ, ordering him to cleaner duty. A dejected Sky-Byte looks at his horoscope... and sees that it warns him against attempted betrayal for the day or he would be humilitaed utterly. Sky-Byte smashes the computer with his claw... only to be electrocuted.

Featured Transformers: Sky-Byte, Slapper, Gas Skunk, Scourge, Megatron, Dark Scream, Mega-Octane, Armorhide, Rollbar, Side Burn, Optimus Prime, Prowl, X-Brawn, Midnight Express, Railspike, Railspike, Rail Racer
Notable Others: T-AI, Kelly, Koji Onishi

Surprisingly, despite what the title implies, the Fish Test itself does not figure too much into the episode. It's pretty fun if it drags on for quite some time. Sky-Byte's antics alone are fun, if silly. The whole episode is clearly played out for laughs, and unlike previous installments the rivalry between Sky-Byte and the Decepticons are more entertaining here instead of tiring and uninspired before. The Predacon trio also get some nice lines, as do the Autobots (who have finally caught up to the fact that the Predacon four are yesterday's goons and can be blasted away with impunity). Poor Sky-Byte is the Waspinator of this series, which only endears him more.

The moment where Sky-Byte sulks in the cliff is a nice moment ruined only by the narmish delivery of the lines at the end. I absolutely adore how Sky-Byte acts like a stereotypical flamboyant anime hero of justice while disguised as Rail Racer, while the Trio chuckle about it. Being forced to act like a seal was hilarious as well. The rivalry between Sky-Byte and Scourge is explored deeper after episodes of the past, and while Scourge is clearly the more competent (if arrogant) of the two, Sky-Byte can't help but be endearing by way of being a woobie. Both Sky-Byte and Scourge get played well this episode. Dark Scream also gets some nice moments acting as the Predacons' resident spy. Sadly, this is not by far a spectacular episode, and is about any good as the second leg of RID would get. Which, sadly, isn't any good compared to shows like Prime or Beast Wars.

(Six out of Ten)

This is the second time the Predacon four have tried to pass themselves off as Autobots to sabotage the Decepticons. The result is still the same. Although to their credit, they picked different Autobots to disguise themselves as.

Slapper asks Sky-Byte to perform the 'universal greeting dance', a reference to the universal greeting seen in 1986's Transformers the Movie.

Sky-Byte acknowledges that the jellyfish isn't a real fish, a nice touch of basic Biology.

When the Predacon trio comment on Sky-Byte's horrible acting, Gas Skunk breaks the fourth wall by saying that Sky-Byte can always work in cartoons.

Before the logo transition after T-AI sends out the call to investigate the first power plant attack, there is a stray shot of Sky-Byte talking to the Predacon trio from early on in the episode for a couple of seconds.

When Sky-Byte is confronted by Megatron, he holds up two hands to form two peace gestures... when his left hand is supposed to be a four-pronged trident-claw thing.

Ro-Tor and Movor are missing from the Decepticon ranks for the entire episode.
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