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Wedge's Short Fuse
Airdate: 28 September 2001
Written By: Junki Takegami
Adapted By: Richard Epcar
Japanese Title: Hot-Blooded Warriors! Buildmaster

The Predacons attack a diamond mine in Antarctica. T-AI dispatches the Autobot Brothers to Antarctica, but the Brothers are unable to do so when they realise the Global Space Bridge section to Antarctica is incomplete, and the Build Team is working on it. The young leader of the Build Team, Wedge, strikes a deal with Optimus Prime in order to prove themselves in battle duty. Optimus is sceptical about sending an inexperienced construction crew into battle, but doesn't have a choice. T-AI is then forced to go through the Battle Protocol all over again. In the Antarctic, the Predacons are waiting for the Autobots to arrive and be captured in a trap (with a massive net, no less) in order to discredit Scourge. While the Predacon Trio initially mistake the unfamiliar Build Team as transport trucks, Sky-Byte recognizes them as Autobots and a battle breaks out. The Predacons overwhelm the inexperienced Build Team and Sky-Byte traps the smaller Wedge on his jaws. The Predacon holds the young Autobot hostage, and Heavy Load strikes a deal — a disc containing a full map of the Global Space Bridge network in return for Wedge's release. Knowing that such knowledge would tip the war in their favour, and agrees. Heavy Load places the disc on a rock despite his teammates' protests, and Slapper is about to claim the prize with his tongue when Optimus Prime arrives.

Wedge breaks free and rallies the Build Team to chase after the disc... which had fallen on the head of a penguin that snowboards away. The Predacons and Optimus Prime chase after it as well, but Ro-Tor arrives, snags the disc and gives it to a waiting Scourge. Sky-Byte demands Scourge return his 'rightful property', and when Scourge refuses the Predacons and Decepticons battle. Wedge charges into the fray, despite Heavy Load's warning not to. Optimus asks Heavy Load what he was thinking, Heavy Load reveals that the disc was bogus, containing sewer schematics instead of the Bridge map. However Wedge does not hear this, and charges Sky-Byte. Fortunately for him the Predacons and Decepticons are too preoccupied with each other to treat the smaller Autobot as anything more than a distraction. As a result of the scuffle the disc flies back to Sky-Byte, who announces that there is an entrance to the 'Space Bridge' nearby and plans to attack the Autobot HQ from there. The Predacons jump into the tunnel, the Decepticons hot on their tail. A still-clueless Wedge wants to follow but the other Build Team members restrain him and fill him in. The Predacons and Decepticons land in a heap in the sewer, and as they realize they have been duped, Optimus launches a Blizzard Storm that freezes them solid. Optimus talks tosthe Build Team, telling them that their unlikely victory and mistakes are valuable experience, and they will improve.

Featured Transformers: Optimus Prime, Dark Scream, Gas Skunk, Slapper, Prowl, X-Brawn, Side Burn, Wedge, Heavy Load, Grimlock, Hightower, Sky-Byte, Ro-Tor, Scourge, Movor, Armorhide, Mega-Octane, Rollbar
Notable Others: T-AI

Ah, the Build Team. A bunch of builders who wants to fight but messes everything up in general until their 'New Toy™' status kicks in next episode. Let us take out the context that the magical set of teleporting portals is now a physical set of tunnels, and the sheer stupidity of the Build Team literally digging their way through Earth's crust from wherever Metro City is to Antarctica in ten seconds flat. And the long, tiring Battle Protocol sequence that even annoys our resident dry, lifeless T-AI. And the whole nonsense with the penguin. And the Antarctic sewer. Out of the four new characters introduced, Hightower and Grimlock are really lifeless; you could plop in any of the Spychangers and there wouldn't be any difference. Wedge, for all the showtime he receives, is blander than even the likes of Prowl and Gas Skunk, and that's saying something. He's basically this supposed Jimmy Neutron-styled boy genius, but comes off as an over-eager, hot-headed idiot who gets into fights he can't win. Plus those treads sliding like awkwards gloves can't help to make him look any better. He comes off as terribly irritating.

On the other hand, it is nice for the Predacon goon squad to get a win or two once in a while, and Sky-Byte, Scourge and even Slapper gets some nice moments of character here. The civil war was fun as well, with the Predacon trio clearly unwilling to join but can't help but getting dragged in. Heavy Load was the only new character that's fun with his planning, but when you realise he could've prevented his team captain from rushing into battle if he had told him earlier brings up the fact that the entire Build Team is another bunch of uninteresting boring enthusiastic generic good guys. Add that to the plot, or lack thereof, and this episode is a slow watch. I just hope the Build Team doesn't show up so much, or at the very least get personalities if they do.

(Two out of ten)

First appearance of the Build Team — Wedge (Build Boy in Japan), Heavy Load (Build Typhoon in Japan), Grimlock (Build Hurricane in Japan) and Hightower (Build Cyclone in Japan).

So the Global Space Bridge is actually a physical network of bridges, not a magic teleporting interdimensional thing. This makes a lot less sense.

This episode is the first that sensibly does not feature the luckless, omni-present Kelly. Poor girl didn't even get a name dropped in the show itself...

Despite the episode occurring in the Antarctic, the tunnel project is always referred as the 'Arctic Link'.

Why the hell does T-AI even go through the Battle Protocol nonsense when there is a crisis brewing?

There are sewers in Antarctica. What.
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