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Airdate: 22 June 2002
Written By: Yukiyoshi Ohashi
Adapted By: Richard Epcar
Japanese Title: Quadruple Merge! Build King

X-Brawn is pursued by the Decepticon Commandos, and looks as if he would be boxed in... when he jumps into a Global Space Bridge warp tunnel. The Decepticons decide to deal with the Autobots' teleportation technology. Armorhide is in favour of blowing it into pieces but Mega-Octane suggests that they turn the technology against the Autobots. In Metro City, the Build Team work on the Space Bridge's Arctic tunnel link. Wedge suggests that they go for some battle practice, and the team heads off for the 'Battle Zone'. Grimlock leaves behind and uploads the Arctic link data into the Space Bridge's computer network located in a building in the city. Ro-Tor trails Grimlock and after the Autobot is gone the Decepticons arrive, and switch part of the programming discs with one of their own. Scourge tampers with the system again, and dispatches Movor to shoot the city up. When Team Bullet Train tries to respond, the Global Space Bridge deposits them on a busy freeway. Afterwards the Bullet Trains return to HQ. Rapid Run and Wedge get into a heathed argument about whose fault it is for the malfunction. Optimus dispatches the Build Team to check the Bridge for the error, while Scourge dispatches the Commandos to different parts of the city, blowing things up. The Brothers and Bullet Trains move through the Space Bridge again, but Mega-Octane sends them into a variety of undesirable situations, such as the underground levels of a mall, the top of a random building, a desert, a cement mixing and a baseball stadium.

Scourge meets up with Megatron at the North energy research facility, and while the Autobots are distracted by their own Space Bridge, the two will be free to plunder all the energy there. T-AI discovers the Decepticons tampering at the main terminal, and alerts the Build Team. The Build Team engage the Commandos, and Optimus Prime arrives to blow the Decepticons away. The Build Team is able to repair the damage done, replacing the swapped circuitry. The scattered Autobots are collected and together they are sent towards where the Predacons are attacking. Megatron and Scourge engage the Autobots, Megatron getting an advantage in a glacier due to being able to walk with his claws. Team Bullet Train prepares to combine into Rail Racer... when Wedge intervenes, saying that this was personal to the Build Team due to the Predacons' sabotage. Build Team combiens into Landfill and easily knocks Scourge and Megatron around, sending them into retreat. Rapid Run and Wedge apologize to each other and Optimus Prime talks about teamwork for a bit before they head home.

Featured Transformers: X-Brawn, Rollbar, Ro-Tor, Scourge, Armorhide, Mega-Octane, Heavy Load, Wedge, Grimlock, Hightower, Optimus Prime, Rapid Run, Midnight Express, Railspike, Side Burn, Prowl, Megatron, Landfill
Notable Others: T-AI, Koji Onishi, Kelly

Pretty average. The Build Team is still irritating, and while the Autobots-popping-out-everywhere is funny the first few times it gets old really, really fast. However, the Decepticons are back to being competent again, and the sabotage on the Space Bridge is well done. However, Wedge still comes off as pretty irritating as always, and Heavy Load is again the voice of reason. Heavy Load's got some pretty fun action scenes with his massive dump truck claw thing, which is fun to see. There are way too many logic loopholes here to make it enjoyable, though. Why is the system for the Global Bridge in a random bunker in a city instead of their secure base? Why didn't Scourge and company just blow it up when the Build Team arrives? Stuff like that.

Bits of little character moments for guys like Armorhide and Grimlock and the Bullet Trains, which is good. Rapid Run dissing Wedge off is pretty fun as well. The scene where the Commandos shoot the city up is pretty fun as well. Scourge hogs all the good lines. Funny, isn't it, that Landfill, Wedge and Optimus Prime all come off as hollow and lifeless, while the rest of the secondary cast seem to be much more fun? Solid proof that random heroic good guy is the most unattractive character you could ever get. How they figure out that the Cons have tampered with the system... instead of Build Team being the geniuses and figuring things out, the uninteresting TAI has to point it out for them. Also, Landfill's attack is, what, three different shoulder charges which are basically the same? And the stupidly named 'single laser'? This episode wasn't aired, which didn't affect the flow of the show any bit, despite Landfill being introduced this episode. I might be a little too harsh on RID, but then again it's the truth. It isn't bad per se, but it's boring, repetitive and filled with loop holes most of the time.

(Five out of Ten)

The first appearance of Landfill (Build King in Japan). Landfill has three limb combinations since any one of the non-Wedge Build Team members can form either the arms or either leg.

This episode never aired in the US due to post 9/11 sensitivities, since lots of buildings get blown up real good just for laughs. But since it featured the debut of a new character (Landfill) the events of this episode would be the main event of the next clip show, which proves that clip shows can too be useful under circumstances like this.

Optimus Prime's combination sequence into his battle mode now has an extended sequence that pops up every single time he enters battle mdoe from now on.

X-Brawn's dialogue, 'they are on me like Insecticons on a power core', is a shout out to the G1 episode where the Insecticons attack and eat a power core. Was it 'the Insecticon Syndrome' or 'the Core'? All those G1 titles are so vague...

Movor destroys a sign with a stylized Ronald McDonald on it.

Megatron's "next time, Autobots!" line is very similar to Doctor Claw's catchphrase as he escapes.

The first episode ever in Robots in Disguise that Sky-Byte or the Predacon trio do not feature in any capacity, not even as background characters.

The Build Team are working on an 'Arctic Link Tunnel', presumably the Antarctic Link seen last episode... but even then, why would an Arctic/Antarctic link be dug out in the middle of a city?

Whose bright idea was it to place the Space Bridge's computing system in a bunker without even security cameras or alarm systems instead of the otherwise unknown Autobot HQ?

As Rapid Run pops out and crashes down a hill, he speaks with Railspike's voice. It was probably intended to be Railspike since we saw Rapid Run a fair bit ago, but the animators screwed up... or something.

Presumably the Bullet Trains cannot return to Autobot HQ with the malfunctioning Space Bridge, so why didn't the Decepticons follow them to the HQ?

Midnight Express and Rapid Run constantly get their colour schemes swapped at one point or another while in vehicle mode.

Despite Scourge's dialogue to tell the Decepticons to move out, in the next shot the Decepticons are still in the terminal.

The people around Koji at the baseball game changes in every single shot.

At one point Heavy Load's entire face is yellow like his helmet.
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