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Ultra Magnus
Airdate: 6 October 2001
Written By: Junki Takegami
Adapted By: Tom Wyner
Japanese Title: Enter! God Magnus

In Metro City a mysterious Autobot stands on top of a building and declares he will take back what is rightfully his from Optimus Prime. In an oil refinery, the six Decepticons are in the middle of a raid when the Autobot Brothers arrive. Even though they realise they can't fire for fear of igniting the oil, Side Burn tries to bluff. However, the mysterious Autobot car carrier bears down, unleashing his firepower. The Autobot Brothers stop this mystery Autobot, and in the confusion the Decepticons escape. Prowl and Side Burn trade barbs with the newcomer, who accuses them of being incompetent and being traitors. Watching nearby, Sky-Byte is about to attempt his own raid on the now-abandoned oil refinery, but Koji and his friends, having turned into fans of Sky-Byte arrive and talk to him. Panicked yet elated, Sky-Byte flies away. Despite his failure Megatron forgives the Predacon and sends him to find the remaining O-Parts. However, Sky-Byte's orders to the other Predacons are relayed by Mega-Octane to the Autobot headquarters. Optimus dispatches the Brothers to the coordinates.

Sky-Byte, meanwhile, digs for the O-Part but only finds a rubber duck. He doesn't give up, however. However, en-route the Brothers are intercepted by the mysterious Autobot, who warns them of an ambush. He then uses a stun ray, shocking the Brothers into unconsciousness before carrying them and junking them in a junkyard. Mega-Octane and Scourge discuss their plan to lead the Autobots to their ambush using Sky-Byte's transmission as bait, but the mysterious Autobot arrives and introduces him as Ultra Magnus. Magnus is unimpressed by the Decepticons' attacks, and easily blasts Ruination into his component parts. When Optimus Prime arrives, the Decepticons retreat. Optimus Prime offers Magnus a place on the team, but Magnus refuses. A startled Optimus asks why Magnus is so aggressive, to which Magnus recounts how Optimus is chosen to carry the Matrix of Leadership over him. The resentful Magnus is here to take it back.... meanwhile Sky-Byte digs up an old bomb which explodes on his face.

To be continued...

Featured Transformers: Ultra Magnus, Scourge, Armorhide, Rollbar, Mega-Octane, Ro-Tor, Movor, X-Brawn, Prowl, Side Burn, Optimus Prime, Sky-Byte, Megatron, Ruination
Notable Others: T-AI, Koji Onishi

Hate him or love him, Ultra Magnus' arrival marks the start of an overreaching plot across the remaining RID episodes in that they are actually interconnected instead of just vaguely related via the O-Parts which have about five seconds of screentime in the episodes they were in. I personally find Magnus irritating, but probably it's because I can't stand anime-styled anti-hero vigilantes, and Magnus had to be that while being a total jerkass. While the mystery about Magnus is well-kept for once instead of being revealed five seconds off the bat, the execution of this episode is far from perfect. Other than Magnus, Optimus, Sky-Byte and maybe Prowl, everybody's dialogue is simply horrible stuff a six-year old could make up. Especially the Commandos.

Also, while Megatron playing at Sky-Byte's ego to trick him into providing a distraction is well done, there are ludicrous amounts of padding scenes here. What is the use of the whole sequence of Magnus dumping the Brothers? Or Scourge and Mega Octane going over their ambush plan twice? Also, while the action scenes are pretty well-done, you just can't help but wish that Magnus' character model was a little less blocky, it looks so awkward as he does all those fighting moves. I am not Ultra Magnus' biggest fan, he comes off as really irritating and being a jerk unnecessarily. Also, he is able to steamroll his way through any fight. However, at least Magnus has an actual personality, even if it's a tired cliché.

(Six out of Ten)

First appearance of Ultra Magnus, a.k.a. God Magnus in Japan. His alternate mode was obviously based on his G1 counterpart. He's also partly based on the Japanese-exclusive Godbomber toy as well.

Magnus is the first Autobot that can fly in the RID series.

Also, first appearance in the series of Cybertron, as well as mention of the Matrix of Leadership. Cybertron is glowing green for no good reason.

The kids liking Sky-Byte stems from the episode 'Sky-Byte Saves the Day'. Since it wasn't aired in the US, to them it must seem like Koji and company suddenly liked the old main baddie for no good reason at all.

Optimus mentions that somebody had chosen him over Magnus as leader of the Autobots, and the one that inherited the Matrix of Leadership.

The Brothers at one point drive past Dongwoo Animation Co. Ltd, a real-life Korean animation studio.

Sky-Byte digs out a gigantic rubber ducky, which is a blindingly obvious shout-out to BW Megatron's quirky habits of keeping one in his tub.

Ultra Magnus' Autobot insignia is coloured wrongly at several shots.

The Brothers found Magnus suspicious because he knew who Optimus Prime was. Why wouldn't any Autobot know who their leader was?

The Predacon trio never show up to Sky-Byte's summons.
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