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Power to Burn!
Airdate: 19 October 2001
Written By: Tadashi Hayakawa
Adapted By: Tom Wyner
Japanese Title: Invoke! Double Matrix

Optimus, T-AI and Koji try to figure out the mechanics of the Brothers' magic power-up, and realise that the power came from Magnus. In the Decepticon base Megatron admonishes Sky-Byte. Scourge comes up with a plan to try and persuade Ultra Magnus to join them and defeat Optimus, and Megatron is somehow impressed. T-AI contacts Side Burn and asks him to look out for Side Burn. Side Burn is distracted by Kelly's red sports car, but he unexpectedly powers up. Prowl, driving nearby, comments that Magnus has been near. The two find Magnus some distance ahead. Side Burn is excited and begins to talk non-stop to Magnus, who tries to get away from Side Burn. Magnus meets Scourge, and pursues him to a clearing. Prowl and Side Burn follow. Scourge proposes to Magnus that they join forces to destroy both Optimus Prime and Megatron. Ultra Magnus turns Scourge down. Ruination arrives, but when Side Burn and Prowl arrive to back Magnus up, Magnus flies away in annoyance.

Side Burn and Prowl power up, and X-Brawn arrives. However, during the battle Side Burn and Prowl unexpectedly power down, and fall exhausted. Ultra Magnus watches from a distance and regrets leaving the two to Decepticons. However before he can enter the battle, Optimus Prime arrives. The Autobot leader takes on the Decepticons while X-Brawn drag Side Burn and Prowl to safety. Ruination separates and the Decepticons open fire in a concentrated attack against Optimus, who is overwhelmed. Ultra Magnus rejoins the fight against the Decepticons. Megatron, Sky-Byte and the Predacon Trio arrives, and they begin to attack Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime gives a speech about how goodness will always prevail (which weirds out the Predacon Trio) before combining with Magnus into Omega Prime. Omega Prime shrugs off every single thing the Predacons and Decepticons throw, and forces the Predacons into full retreat. Ultra Magnus flies away, and the Brothers speculate that next time Magnus might join the team.

Featured Transformers: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Slapper, Gas Skunk, Sky-Byte, Scourge, Side Burn, Prowl, Ultra Magnus, Armorhide, Mega-Octane, Movor, Ro-Tor, Rollbar, Ruination, X-Brawn, Dark Scream, Omega Prime
Notable Others: T-AI, Koji Onishi, Kelly

Still great material, surprisingly. Ultra Magnus is a fun character, and this ia a nice character development as he begins to warm up to the Autobot Brothers and even Optimus Prime (even if he justifies it as protecting the Matrix) but it is nice not to see the status quo dragged on for the entire series. That heroic BSOD moment as Magnus realises that his jerkass attitude causes the Brothers to be placed in danger is nicely done. Also, Side Burn also gets some development. Seeing that initially he was the one that most strongly opposes Ultra Magnus, and now he's the one that most strongly encourages the others to trust Magnus, it's again a nice touch. The whole upgrade thing all happen without warning, though.. if you consider the time limits of their cooldown, it doesn't really make sense.

The Predacon Trio finally pop out after several episodes of being MIA, and immediately get to their stuff by delivering funny lines. Their reaction at Optimus Prime's good will always triumph speech is pretty funny. Scourge also gets a nice moment when he shows his true power-hungriness in wanting to get rid of Megatron... the competent yet disloyal Scourge is a nice contrast to the bumbling yet fully loyal Sky-Byte. However, the main characters of the story, Optimus and Megatron, fall flat on their faces and have no weight whatsoever other than being 'good' and 'evil', being even more bland than their G1 counterparts. The climax is also handled badly. Would anyone expect Optimus Prime to die because of the concentrated Commando fire? And Omega Prime basically blowing away the entire army of bad guys in ten seconds bodes ill for any hope that the bad guys would ever gain an upper hand in subsequent episodes...

(Seven out of Ten)

Unlike the G1 Matrix, in the RID continuity if Optimus Prime dies, the Matrix dies with him since it is tethered to the holder's lifeforce. Which is one of the reasons that Ultra Magnus can't kill Optimus just yet.

The Brothers apparently can power up if they are excited enough and Magnus is near. Considering how Side Burn powers up when he was excited by Kelly's red sports car... this raises some... unfortunate implications if you look at it.

Whenever the Brothers use their power ups, they are left exhausted and drained.

Apparently Megatron forgot that Sky-Byte's plan that he admonishes is the exact same one he praises Scourge for.

During the review of the footage as the Brothers power up, X-Brawn's line 'what the bejillickers' is replaced with 'what in tarnation'. An improvement in dialogue, sure, but a continuity goof nevertheless.

The Decepticons react in surprise at the Autobot Brothers' power up, even though they were there when the Brothers powered up last episode.

You would think that Brawn would make driving away the Decepticons a priority other than using all the time given by his power up to drag Prowl and Side Burn away.

Ruination's scale is haywire relative to Scourge and the Brothers.

At one point during the battle Scourge's sword is coloured black instead of red.
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