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Fortress Maximus
Airdate: 27 October 2001
Written By: Kazuhiko Godo
Adapted By: Richard Epcar
Japanese Title: Arise! Cybertron City

Megatron and his lieutenants watch as they see the memories of Doctor Onishi as he oversees a drilling operation to find an energy source in some underground ruins. Doctor Onishi's equipments malfunction as they hit some electronic shielding, but before the dream could continue it fades out. Megatron orders Scourge to take the Decepticons to investigate the site. Elsewhere, Side Burn harasses Kelly. At Autobot HQ, T-AI reports that she has extracted information on the ruins the Doctor was excavating and suspects that they contain something from Cybertron. Build Team is called in, and they recall that when they were excavating in the area previously they experienced hallucinations and began seeing each other as Predacons. Wedge resolves that this time this won't happen. The Decepticons are soon sighted in the area. T-AI mobilises all the Autobots to protect the site. As the Decepticons prepare do descend lower into the city, the Spychangers attack. Armorhide and Rollbar stay to hold them back, while the other Decepticons journey deeper underground.

After evading the Autobot Brothers, Movor and Ro-Tor are left to battle Railspike and Rapid Run in the subway tunnels. Ultra Magnus joins in the battle, but his recklessness causes a flood that washes all the combatants (and a hapless Midnight Express) away. The Build Team began to see hallucinations again and fight among themselves. Only Heavy Load has enough common sense to realise they have seen this before and contacts Optimus Prime, who believes that the hallucinations are caused by Cybertronian radiation. Heavy Load resolves to get his comrades to see sense. Elsewhere other Transformers also hallucinate Side Burn sees a line of red sports cars instead of a subway train, Armorhide sees Sky-Byte, while Sky-Byte sees a cake. After eating the 'cake', really a subway train, Sky-Byte locates Scourge and Mega-Octane. The other Decepticons rendezvous with the two, and Sky-Byte tails the Decepticons. Underground, Build Team finds the ruins in a massive subterranean chamber with green liquid and Transformer statues. The flood washes everyone in the tunnels, including the Decepticons, into the ruins as well. Scourge begins to experience flashbacks. All the combiners combine, and Optimus Prime shows up to form Omega Prime. As they begin to battle, Scourge steps closer to the ruins which causes to crumble as an even larger metallic fortress rises out of the water...

Featured Transformers: Sky-Byte, Mega-Octane, Scourge, Megatron, Side Burn, X-Brawn, Prowl, Optimus Prime, Movor, Ro-Tor, Armorhide, Rollbar, Wedge, Heavy Load, Grimlock, Hightower, Hot Shot, Rev, Wars, Ironhide, Mirage, Crosswise, Railspike, Rapid Run, Midnight Express, Ultra Magnus, Ruination, Landfill, Rail Racer, Omega Prime, Fortress Maximus
Notable Others: Doctor Onishi, Kelly, Koji Onishi, T-AI

Due to the full-out brawl between every major Transformer in the series excepting the Predacon trio, this episode is entertaining. The Autobot Brothers and Team Bullet Train in particular are fun, with great scenes in between them. Sky-Byte's antics as he follows the Decepticons are great as well. Scourge seems to be developed little by little as well, being created into something more than an angry powerful ninja thug. The race to get to the mysterious object underground is pretty fun, with the Decepticons beating up every team sent their way. But this is spoiled by the simple stupidity of Build Team (bar Heavy Load) which really has been played to its limit, surely?

Also, when while the three combiners form, you would expect a big-ass fight, right? No. Instead Omega Prime pops out (groan), no doubt to send the bad guys home with a single blow. Still, the revelation of Fortress Maximus is pretty dramatic, and I like how massive he is compared to the others. Not a terrible episode, but nothing spectacular. Plus points for actually advancing what passes for an overreaching plot, though.

(Seven out of Ten)

First appearance of Fortress Maximus, who is repainted from the G1 character of the same name. He is called Brave Maximus in Japan. Fortress Maximus is not released as a toy in the RID toyline due to new toyline laws that mean the Fortress Maximus mold is no longer child-safe.

Entering the ruins opens up old memories in Scourge of his Autobot ancestry, something that would be followed up in future episodes.

The Predacon Trio's models are used as hallucinations but they do not appear.

The stone Transformer carvings that surround the ruins are stylized Optimus Prime heads. This is not addressed nor mentioned by anyone.

Build Team spends a good long scene describing how they were fooled by hallucinations in the underground episodes... and within less than five minutes they (other than Heavy Load) are fooled by the same hallucinations. Apparently, for a genius team that can design a Global Space Bridge system, the Build Team has less common sense than a five year old.

Seeing how hopeless the Build Team is, it's difficult to believe they survived the first hallucination incident.

Where did Optimus Prime pop up from at the end of the episode?
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