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Koji Gets His Wish
Airdate: 3 November 2001
Written By: Junki Takegami
Adapted By: Richard Epcar
Japanese Title: JRX vs Valdigus

The Decepticons having apparently retreated, Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to keep the Predacons away from Fortress Maximus while he puts a plan into action. At the Decepticon ship, Megatron is overjoyed that Fortress Maximus has been located. Scourge suggests that Megatron sends Sky-Byte to find Cerebros, the key to Fortress Maximus' power. Later Mega-Octane demands an explanation why Scourge has seemingly given Sky-Byte an opportunity to obtain glory that is rightfully theirs. Scourge explains that if they can find the Maximus first (since by sending the incompetent Sky-Byte, Megatron would not go personally) they would no longer need the Predacons. Sky-Byte tries to eavesdrop but is not successful, and merely thinks that Scourge is trying to curry favour with Megatron. In the Autobot HQ, Koji misses his father, but T-AI assures Koji that the doctor must still be alive since the Decepticons found out about the ruins. Koji returns home and has a long moement remembering his father taking him on a fishing trip.In the Predacon base, Sky-Byte plans to take Doctor Onishi to extract information about Cerebros' location, and switches him with a drawing, before strapping the pod with Doctor Onishi onto his back. In the city, Rail Racer and Ruination both battle. Scourge, equipped with a set of goggles to prevent hallucinations, proceeds into the underground tunnels. Wedge observes the battle from behind a construction site's coverings, and very nearly jumps into battle in all eagerness before Heavy Load stops him.

Underground, Sky-Byte sings along, and Scourge, tailing the Predacon is confronted by Optimus Prime. Scourge and Optimus Prime battle, causing Scourge to drop his goggles. Sky-Byte runs away from the two of them as their struggle takes them into the underground cavern. Sky-Byte hightails it out of the underground tunnels. Once aboveground, Sky-Byte is beset by Koji, who tearfully asks Sky-Byte to take a present to give Doctor Onishi, who is in the Predacon base. Sky-Byte initially refuses and tries to intimidate Koji, but fails and finally agrees. He does not mention that Doctor Onishi is technically strapped to the pod on his back for fear of angering Megatron. The Autobot Brothers arrive and open fire at Sky-Byte, thinking he was trying to kidnap Koji. As the battle between Scourge and Optimus reaches the underground site, Scourge is shocked to discover that Fortress Maximus is gone. After a brief battle, Ultra Magnus arrives and combines with Optimus Prime, easily sending Scourge into a retreat. In the streets above, Sky-Byte tosses the pod containing Doctor Onishi aside in order to transform into robot mode, but even then the Autobot brothers easily overpower the Predacon. Koji discovers that the pod contains his father and thanks Sky-Byte for rescuing Doctor Onishi, and the Autobot Brothers apologize. Scourge arrives just then, and realises what Sky-Byte has done. All the Predacons and Decepticons retreat. Koji introduces the Autobots and his father to each other, and it is revealed that the Autobots had hidden Fortress Maximus smack dab in the middle of the city, with its four sides covered with like a building under construction. In the Predacon base, Sky-Byte is surprised when Scourge covers for his mistake, and later suggests that the Decepticons and Predacons join forces to find Cerebros. Sky-Byte suspects an ulterior motive, which Scourge clearly has...

Featured Transformers: Fortress Maximus, Ultra Magnus, Prowl, X-Brawn, Side Burn, Heavy Load, Wedge, Optimus Prime, Hightower, Grimlock, Rapid Run, Railspike, Midnight Express, Megatron, Scourge, Sky-Byte, Mega-Octane, Koji Onishi, T-AI, Kenneth Onishi, Ro-Tor, Movor, Rollbar, Armorhide, Ruination, Rail Racer, Omega Prime
Notable Others: Koji Onishi, T-AI, Doctor Onishi, Kelly

Pretty blah. Don't get me wrong, both Sky-Byte and Scourge are great material as always, the Brothers aren't bad, and even Koji gets a few nice moments. But so many plot holes and unnecessary scenes happen here that you just keep waiting for Sky-Byte to show up. At least with Sky-Byte you are guaranteed a dose of silliness. He seems to have taken up singing as a new hobby, which is pretty funny. Scourge, in contrast, is a nice foil by being all serious and dark and everything. Koji's longing for his father... well, call me cold-hearted, but how many episodes has it been since he last said anything about his father? Bastard kid. Well, lousy continuity in show, anyway. This shows how incompetent the Autobots are, surely? I mean, Doctor Onishi was kidnapped from the very first episode, but the Autobots never so much as looked for him, and in the end he was freed by Sky-Byte.

Also, hiding Fortress Maximus in a place where any flying Decepticon could easily spot? Terribly stupid. And I don't even want to know what happened to the buildings that should be where Fort Max is sitting at. The fight between Optimus and Scourge is dull as well, since the bad guys here really don't have a hope against the Autobots. There's not even the tension seen that the Autobots just might lose this fight. Events happen seemingly at random too. Didn't Scourge want to find Cerebros? Why let Sky-Byte go? Megatron is such an incompetent leader that he never sets off personally anyway. And why the hell did Sky-Byte bring the doctor with him? All in all this episode severely lacks any sort of cohesive content, other than Sky-Byte.

(Four out of Ten)

The ship that the Decepticons (before they were Decepticons) use to travel to Earth is based on the Axalon, the Maximals' shuttle from Beast Wars. According to Scourge their original mission as Autobots was to reactivate a fortress hidden on Earth.

First reference to Cerebros. How anybody knew about him is a mystery. We could suppose Optimus was briefed about it, and Scourge has his memories, but Megatron and Sky-Byte seem to understand what Scourge is talking about.

Sky-Byte's second song is a parody of the song 'the Lady is a Tramp'.

Scourge name-drops the Scraplets at one point during his fight with Optimus Prime... in the sense of the word 'scrap', not the metal-eating pests that is the real meaning of 'Scraplets'.

When intimidating Koji Sky-Byte strikes a pose similar to the iconic Jaws poster.

This episode picks up where we left off last episode... but when we left off, the Autobots and Decepticons were locked in battle as Fortress Maximus rose. Here, the Autobots are alone with Fortress Maximus, while the Decepticons and Sky-Byte are already at the Decepticon ship.

The recap has Omega Prime call out Fortress Maximus' name, which never happened in the previous episode.

Early on when Wedge runs to ask if the Build Team can join the others, he clips through Grimlock's arm.

Koji's flashback features dialogue of Doctor Onishi congratulating Koji on catching a big fish, but the images show that the Doctor is the one who caught it.

Before fighting Rail Racer, Ruination has the airborne Commandos as arms and the land-bound Commandos as legs, but when the battle begins the two pairs switch. When we cut back, it switched back again.
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