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Mystery of the Ultra Magnus
Airdate: 30 March 2002
Written By: Tom Wyner

In the Predacon ship, Megatron complains to his troops about Ultra Magnus foiling their plans constantly. Megatron then looks back at recordings of Ultra Magnus’ actions, from his arrival on Earth, to attacking the Autobot Brothers and Decepticons, and Magnus attacking Optimus Prime, up until Optimus and Magnus’ combination into Omega Prime. Megatron complains about the incompetence of his troops. Megatron then recalls the super-charging of the Autobot Brothers, then tells his troops that they need to get the Matrix from the Autobots.

Featured Transformers: Megatron, Ultra Magnus (flashback), Sky-Byte, Scourge, Movor, Ro-Tor, Rollbar, Armorhide, Mega-Octane, Prowl (flashback), Side Burn (flashback), X-Brawn (flashback), Ruination (flashback), Optimus Prime (flashback), Omega Prime (flashback)

Clip shows are terrible and soporific in general, but ‘Mystery of the Ultra Magnus’ clearly had no effort whatsoever put into it. It’s not even a filler episode, since chronology is out of whack, despite the Japanese original show making a clip show that actually made sense. Since Ultra Magnus’ role in the series thus far has been reduced from angsty brother to power mushroom, it’s stupid to recall this sequence of episodes. It’s clear that the producers did not care much for this episode, since it’s aired out of sequence after RID had whimpered away. The only thing I thought of while watching this episode is 'when will it end?' Do yourself a favour and skip this episode.

(Zero out of Ten)

In Japan, a whole different clip show, ‘Gelshark’s Blues’, is aired instead. It made more sense chronologically, involving Sky-Byte moping about the Autobot Brothers’ super charging, Megatron being turned into Galvatron and Fortress Maximus in general.

This episode recaps the events of ‘Ultra Magnus’, ‘Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion’ and ‘the Two Faces of Ultra Magnus’.

In a dub-added addition, Megatron refers to working for a Council, a holdover of the Tripredacus Council from the Beast Wars series.

The air date for this episode is correct; this episode, despite it’s ordering in the series, is aired out of order as the last Robots in Disguise episode, hitting the screens after the series has well and truly ended.

‘Mystery of the Ultra Magnus’ in itself is a goof. Unlike ‘Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion’ before it, however, the title was never corrected in subsequent re-airings or the DVDs. Its proper title is probably ‘The Mystery of Ultra Magnus’.

The placement of this episode certainly is wonky. At this stage Megatron has already become Galvatron and the plot revolves around Fortress Maximus, with Ultra Magnus’ role reduced to popping up near the end of each episode to become a power up. Logically it should be between ‘the Two Faces of Ultra Magnus’ and ‘Fortress Maximus’.

Nope, the Predacons never go for the Matrix. Why do you ask?

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