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Mistaken Identity
Airdate: 2 March 2002
Written By: Yukiyoshi Ohashi
Adapted By: Michael McConnohie
Japanese Title: Black Convoy’s Ambition

Karl and Jenny see Koji in the park, wondering how he managed to control Fortress Maximus during the last confrontation. Scourge and Mega-Octane show up and try to kidnap Koji, but the Autobot Brothers chase the Decepticons off. Koji is taken to Autobot HQ and Optimus orders the Brothers to protect Koji, since the Decepticons are after him. In the Predacon base, Scourge tells Galvatron that the human boy is their way to control Fortress Maximus, and Galvatron demands Koji be captured. Galvatron ignores Sky-Byte’s reserves about Scourge’s loyalty. Meanwhile, Koji and Karl are skateboarding and Koji laments the Autobots’ constant watchful eye on him. Koji and Karl hatch a plan, and later Karl, disguised as Koji, manages to fool Side Burn into following the disguised boy. Prowl and Side Burn manage to catch up with the real Koji and take him back to HQ. Wedge calls in, saying that Sky-Byte has kidnapped Koji, and the Autobots realise that the Predacon got Karl. Sky-Byte is told off by Galvatron for bringing the wrong boy. Scourge, however, suggests that they try using Karl to control Fortress Maximus instead.

Movor pinpoints Maximus’ location, and the Predacons arrive there with Karl and Cerebros. Karl is forced to command Maximus to transform, and a tractor beam pulls Karl into Maximus’ command center. Upon Scourge’s order, Karl makes Maximus punch a mountain. T-AI pinpoints Maximus’ location, and the Autobots set off with Koji tagging along. Karl is excited with the prospect of controlling Maximus, and realises he can destroy the Decepticons. Scourge orders Karl to destroy Galvatron and Sky-Byte, much to Galvatron’s anger. Maximus refuses to obey this command, however. The Autobots arrive and attack Galvatron. Sky-Byte tries to capture Koji, but Karl orderes Maximus to toss Sky-Byte away. Maximus expels Karl next to Koji. Ultra Magnus arrive, shoot off Sky-Byte for a second time, combines with Optimus and they drive away Galvatron. Galvatron disables Scourge and promises the Decepticon retribution. Fortress Maximus sinks into the ground again. Koji apologises to Karl, who forgives him.

Featured Transformers: Mega-Octane, Scourge, Prowl, Side Burn, X-Brawn, Optimus Prime, Galvatron, Sky-Byte, Wedge, Fortress Maximus, Movor, Cerebros, Emissary, Ultra Magnus, Omega Prime
Notable Others: Kelly, Koji Onishi, Karl, Jenny, T-AI

Palatable, if only because there’s an actual plot other than just another showcase of the cast’s general stupidity. Koji still has the personality of wet cement, and Karl has even less, but Sky-Byte and Scourge steal the show as per normal business. However, continuity inconsistencies such as Scourge forgetting that humans can control Maximus and stuff are really inexcusable. Scourge finally makes a bid against Galvatron actively, but it’s silly because it hinges on Karl actually listening to him. Sadly this is the only time Scourge will do anything like that, a shame for the character.

The Brothers, Optimus, Tai and Magnus are all lifeless as ever, making watching this episode still quite painful. Galvatron, at the very least, is competent enough to punish Scourge. Yeah, this episode implies another Starscream, but you’ll see. Karl at least is pragmatic enough to try and squish the Cons but he’s still very uninteresting. Fortress Maximus and his gag of disappearing every time, and having the personality of a brick, gets boring after the first time. Koji is the biggest offender, though, having so much screen time and doing nothing interesting in any of them. It's not that he's irritating, it's that he's got the exact same personality as Fortress Maximus but with dialogue, which is really, really painful. Sky-Byte still plays on his gags, but even those are not enough to save this show from flopping like a dead fish. Power of kids save the day, whoop de doo.

(Two out of Ten)

Scourge has new stock transformation footage.

The ‘Y’ on Koji’s helmet stands for his Japanese name, Yuki. Karl’s ‘K’ stands for Kenta, his Japanese name.

Fortress Maximus only listens to humans in robot mode, which will never be explained why or how through the series. Just roll with it.

When Sky-Byte drops Karl in front of Galvatron, all the shadows are coloured purple.

At one point Scourge calls Galvatron as Megatron.

Despite already working out the fact that Fortress Maximus responds to any human bio energy, Scourge apparently forgot this fact until midway through the episode.

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