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Galvatronís Revenge
Airdate: 16 March 2002
Written By: Junki Takegami
Adapted By: Richard Epcar
Japanese Title: Counterattack! Devil Gigatron

The Autobots are happy of their recent victory, but Omega Prime is unsure. T-AI informs the Autobots that Galvatron is repowering. Galvatron flies up and onto Fortress Maximus and begins to drain the giant Autobotís energy. The Brothers try to physically stop Galvatron but are shot out of the sky by Scourge and Ruination. Landfill and Rail Racer battle the Decepticons, while Omega Prime confronts Galvatron. Galvatron responds by unleashing a cloud of smoke which magically goes onto the Autobotsí faces. Galvatron then unleashes a swarm of Cyberbats, one of which latches onto Kojiís head and mesmerizes him, much to T-AIís distress. All around the world Cyberbats latch onto childrenís heads and Galvatron holds them hostage. Doctor Onishi tells Omega Prime that despite his efforts he canít remove the Cyberbat on Koji without causing brain damage. Omega Prime calls for a retreat, because he wants a water-tight plan before proceeding, much to the annoyance of the Autobot troops.

However, as they disappear into the Space Bridge, Galvatron does the unthinkable and open fire on the mountain, exposing the physical tunnel. Galvatron sends the Decepticons in, and an eager Sky-Byte follows them. They catch up with the Autobots, who are unprepared and because of the Bullet Trains kind of almost fail to transform. Galvatron announces heíll get rid of the Autobots and the traitorous Decepticons, and uses his power to rupture the walls of the tunnel and flood it with lava. Ultra Magnus tries to stop Galvatron but is swatted aside. Galvatron calls Scourge and bids him goodbye as lava begins to flood the tunnel. An exasperated Sky-Byte is told off for going in without orders. Since he does not need hostages anymore, Galvatron recalls the Cyberbats. As Optimus sinks in the lava, he hears Kojiís pleading words and with newfound determination he and the Autobots burst out of the ground. Galvatron inhales all the returning Cyberbats, and uses his newfound power to lift the Autobots into the airÖ

Featured Transformers: Omega Prime, Fortress Maximus, Cerebros, Emissary, Galvatron, Slapper, Dark Scream, Gas Skunk, Sky-Byte, Scourge, Ruination, Side Burn, X-Brawn, Prowl, Omega Prime, Heavy Load, Wedge, Hightower, Grimlock, Rail Racer, Landfill, Mega-Octane, Armorhide, Rollbar, Ro-Tor, Movor, Ultra Magnus, Midnight Express, Railspike, Rapid Run
Notable Others: T-AI, Cyberbats, Koji Onishi, Doctor Onishi

Blah, this degenerates into stock anime clichťs and terrible dialogue pretty soon enough. Any attempt of making sense of Galvatronís wacky plan is eschewed by dropping the energy vampire edge, so the Cyberbats donít really make sense. In any case the terrible dialogue and stunted action scenes mean that this episode doesnít really have the impact it probably deserves. Animation and technical goofs donít help either. And why Galvatron wants to kill the Decepticons after reprogramming them, other than a cheap way to show how vile this uninteresting villain isÖ heck, everything here is pretty banal. Omega Prime, Galvatron, Koji, T-AIÖ all of the main characters are cardboard cutouts without much of a personality!

Iím not trying to be mean or anything but frankly this episode is rubbish. Finale it may be, but itís on its dying breaths. The whole premise of Galvatronís master plan is stupid and as poorly executed as any of the Predaconís incompetent and absurd plans. Really, sinking in lava shouldn't be used at all as the ultimate threat to our heroes. And another sickening example of how children's sense of justice saves the day... ick. None of the characters are interesting, and even Sky-Byteís little jokes canít save this episode. The sole saving grace (other than Sky-Byte) would be Ultra Magnusí return as a character instead of just the guy that Optimus can combine with. Otherwise itís just another caricature of a generic RID episode. Just be thankful that the series is coming to an end soon.

(Two out of Ten)

The first appearance of the Cyberbats, which look like tiny cute versions of Megatronís bat mode. Also, this is the last appearance of Doctor Onishi, whose final scene basically is him fussing over Koji and the Cyberbat on his noggin.

The plot of the finale is one of the more infamous script changes from Car Robots. In Car Robots, Galvatron is an energy vampire and uses the Cyberbats to drain mental energy from the children, which causes his power boost after he re-absorbs the Cyberbats. In Robots in Disguise, Galvatron merely uses the Cyberbats to hold the children hostage. Since the dub omits the whole energy vampire edge, itís kind of jarring, what with the sudden power up at the end. Also, he clearly sucks Maximusí energy and the Autobot troops next episode, so I think itís better if they hadnít gone and changed it.

Once again, the term Insecticon is used to insult the Autobots.

After a long period of only exclusively using Omega Prime as a power-up, Optimus Primeís battle mode makes its final appearance.

Also, Landfill forms with Hightower as arms. Usually itís Grimlock, and Heavy Load got his turn once.

Galvatron both calls his one headed dragon and his griffin modes as ĎIRON MAMMOTH!í Then again, all three new modes do kind of look similar, and Galvatron claims heís unbeatable in IRON MAMMOTH mode, so who can blame him?

As usual, the recap of the previous episode had altered dialogue. This one is particularly jarring, because the line about Galvatronís ship blowing up is delivered by Koji, who isnít even present in the battlefield.

The Spychangers, Skid-Z and Tow-Line disappear for the entirely of this episode, despite being present last episode as well as the next.

The Commandos are in Ruination at the beginning of the episode, but later the Commandos form Ruination a short while later. Granted, they do switch the Scramble City configuration.

When the Autobot Brothers run into the Global Space Bridge, they are in their normal colour schemes, despite being in Supercharge mode immediately prior and after the scene. Their cooldown periods also seem to be eliminated for the finale.

It is unclear when Omega Prime separates, because after Omega orders the retreat, all of a sudden Optimus Prime is in the Space Bridge while Ultra Magnus is hiding behind a rock.

Why would Galvatron kill the Decepticons after all the trouble of reprogramming them?
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