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The Final Battle
Airdate: 23 March 2002
Written By: Junki Takegami
Adapted By: Tom Wyner
Japanese Title: Final Battle! Fire Convoy

Galvatron gloats as the Autobots are lifted to the sky, claiming that after absorbing the power of Fortress Maximus he is unstoppable. Galvatron uses some kind of electrical attack and drops the Autobots to the ground. Side Burn drags himself to the edge of the crater that Optimus Prime created during his fall. Optimus struggles to get up, but the ever-loyal Decepticons burst out of the ground and assault Optimus Prime. Sky-Byte and the Predacon Trio likewise have survived the lava, and are worried at what Galvatron will do to them. Galvatron spots the Predacons and orders them to attack the Autobot troops. Reluctantly the Predacons get ready to fight, but the Autobot troops have recovered and literally run over the Predacons. The Autobots open fire on the Decepticons, but Galvatron uses an energy attack to seize all of the Autobots. T-AI opens a Space Bridge portal nearby, but Optimus Prime refuses to leave his troops behind. After an argument Ultra Magnus swoops in and takes Optimus Prime into the portal. Optimus and Magnus have a heart to heart talk in the tunnel, form Omega Prime and fly out just as Galvatron is about to kill Side Burn. Omega Prime challenges Galvatron to a one-on-one fight.

Prime and Galvatron go through the Space Bridge to the Earth’s molten core, in a gambit that the two of them will be trapped inside. Despite T-AI and Koji’s concerns, T-AI goes through with it. Koji begins to contact other children over the internet, asking for their help and power to defeat Galvatron. Omega Prime, meanwhile, finds himself weakened while Galvatron is not even fazed by the heat. The kids’ energy repowers up Fortress Maximus. Galvatron gloats that he will harness the power of Earth’s children and stuff, but Fortress Maximus sends the energy through the space bridge, which powers up Omega Prime and creates a gigantic Matrix Blade. Omega Prime and Galvatron exchange words and finally clashes, until Galvatron’s blade shatters. An immense explosion lights up the sky and the Autobots are released from Galvatron’s energy attack. T-AI cries that Omega Prime is trapped.

Some time later Koji looks around the Autobot base, finding it deserted. As he trudges down the road, however, Optimus Prime arrives, alive and well. Optimus tells Koji that the sheer force of the clash of energies reactivated the Space Bridge and freed him. The Autobots will be returning to Cybertron soon, but they are all engaging in their leisure activities one last time on Earth. Fortress Maximus and Ultra Magnus have the Predacons and Decepticons trapped in energy prisons. The Predacon Trio lament that poor Sky-Byte is trapped on Earth alone… but Sky-Byte is happy, swimming through the seas, free at last.

The end.

Featured Transformers: Fortress Maximus, Galvatron, Omega Prime, Wedge, Side Burn, Prowl, X-Brawn, Midnight Express, Railspike, Rapid Run, Optimus Prime, Crosswise, Mirage, Wars, Rev, Hot Shot, Ironhide, Scourge, Ruination, Sky-Byte, Gas Skunk, Slapper, Dark Scream, Rail Racer, Landfill, Skid-Z, Tow-Line, Ultra Magnus, Cerebros (screen), Rollbar, Ro-Tor, Movor, Armorhide, Mega-Octane
Notable Others: T-AI, Koji Onishi, Cyberbats, Kelly

And so ends Transformers’ most standalone cartoon series. Poor RID has the worst endings ever, with terrible dialogue between Galvatron and Optimus Prime, a ridiculous endgame by Galvatron to harness the power of children, and a ridiculous way of winning, what with the power of chain e-mail spamming creating a magic giant glo-stick. And the secondary characters just simply wait as Optimus and Galvatron and Koji angst and stuff. Koji’s dramatic screaming all fall flat on his face, and the dialogue between Optimus and Galvatron is the worst ever. In short, this is an embarrassment instead of a climatic final battle. It’s the worst and most absurd ending of all the main-line Transformers shows... I can’t speak for Japan’s G1 sequels.

But at the very least the epilogue details what happens to the cast after the end, which really is predictable. The Autobots continue to goof around, and the Deceptipreds are all jailed up. Very nicely, Sky-Byte, the only villain with personality, gets off scot-free on Earth with his own happy ending. And Sky-Byte gets the final line, which, as the best character of the series… not a difficult feat, considering that guest stars like Tow-Line aside, the others who had any personality in this maddeningly banal show are Scourge, Ultra Magnus, Wedge and barely Side Burn. And so Robots in Disguise ends with Sky-Byte swimming in the distance, and thankfully it’s kept at that. It’s a very terrible ending for a half-decent show. Robots in Disguise tries, but the fact is that the villains were uninteresting and non-threatening, and the plots are repetitive. Combine that with the fact that both Autobots and Predacons are incompetent idiots that can’t find a city hidden right in front of them, as well as horrible dialogue (again, other than Sky-Byte… it’s like a Beast Wars character wandered into a wrong show, damn it) and clunky action scenes… well, Robots in Disguise is not the worst show out there, mainly because it has the decency to wither off and die when the show begins to dip in quality, so it doesn’t become an overlong dead joke like the way Energon became.

(Three out of Ten)

In addition with the changes from Car Robots from last episode, Robots in Disguise has Galvatron challenge Omega Prime and tells him to pick the battlefield. In Car Robots, Galvatron blackmails Prime to open the Global Space Bridge to Earth’s core in order to drain the core dry. So the whole plan of trapping Galvatron in the Earth’s core is a dub creation… which doesn’t really jive with the fact that there is a Space Bridge portal nearby.

Galvatron’s ‘absorb the power of children’ master plan is also made by the dub, in order to justify the silly ‘children’s willpower makes green energy fall out of the sky’ thing that happens in the episode. Another dub change is that in RID Omega Prime’s strike with the Matrix Blade defeated Galvatron, while in Car Robots Galvatron was defeated off screen when he tried to absorb too much energy knocked himself out.

The Predacons and Decepticons’ prisons are in flat, rotating crystals that resemble the Phantom Zone in the 70s/80s Superman film.

Ultra Magnus, while never mentioned in the dialogue, could be barely glimpsed riding on Fortress Maximus.

After being absent for the previous episode, Skid-Z, Tow-Line and the Spychangers pop up at the beginning of this one and stay up to the end.

Optimus Prime is in super mode in the beginning of the episode. But when he hits the ground and gets out of the crater he is in regular robot mode without any reason.

The Predacon Trio somehow end up with Sky-Byte as they dig themselves out of the tunnel. Also, Sky-Byte tells the Trio that Galvatron thinks he’s gotten rid of them. However, Galvatron never actually wanted to kill the Predacon goons, Sky-Byte just had the misfortune to follow the Decepticons and Galvatron just couldn’t care less.

Scourge and the Commandos kind of disappears after the Autobots shoot at them for a bit before Galvatron does his Jedi trick, until they appear in the prison at the end.

Galvatron says that he has more power than ‘every Cybertron in the universe combined’. Either he means Cybertronian, or it’s a dub flub in mixing up Cybertron as in Autobot and Seibertron as in Cybertron.

How did Galvatron keep the Autobots floating in the energy web when he’s in the Earth’s core?

Battling in the Earth’s core, and causing an explosion that extended to the surface, would surely cause havoc with our planet.
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