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I only saw it at the cinema once.

But yeh, DotM took a truly stupid amount of money, inflation adjusted or not. TBH, I think Plan A for Paramount is going to be make a film as much like the first three as possible. The 'repeat viewings' thing is irrelevant - let's say it accounts for 25% of tickets or something just for the sake of it, what's to say that 25% won't be seeing the fourth one twice?

Even the reviews were kinder for DotM - the critics had ran out of bitter insults to hurl at Bay, if nothing else.

I think TF is more immune to franchise burn-out than a lot of stuff as well, because in terms of mainstream stuff that's actually likely to be made into films, it's out by itself. Superhero movies overlap on a lot of ground, but there's only going to be one giant transforming robot movie every 2-3 years. 95% of people who watch the things get their ticket, watch their film and have very little to do with Transformers until the next one comes along.
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