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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
I don't believe in movies tying in for anything, to be honest. Movies are watched by a large percentage of people out there, whereas stuff like games and comics are only played by the fanbase.
Indeed, and for all that comic and book tie in publishers (for most films that have them, not just Transformers) like to promote their works as essential reading to get full enjoyment from the cinema experience I don't think that has ever really been the case, the film sets the agenda and does its own thing and any and all spin offs have to keep pace with it, not the other way round.

The Star Trek Countdown comic is a good example, heavily pushed as the "Official Prequel" it's a enjoyable enough, if throwaway, read but not only does it not tell you anything you need to know that isn't covered by the film itself in about two lines there's various ideas in it that are clearly the result of working from an earlier script which don't gel with the final film, such as Spock and Nero knowing each other before the disaster and there being a lengthy gap between the destruction of Romulus and Nero going back after Spock (a YMMV one is the idea Nero's ship is retrofitted with Borg technology, I think in the film itself it's not supposed to be anything more than the product of a century later, I can't take Kirk's Enterprise as withstanding Borg weapons even for a second, that's the sort of Voyager crap this movie needed to leave well behind).

And that's with the writers of the film working directly on the comic as well, it's hardly surprising the IDW Bayverse tie ins, which never seem to have been given very much access to Paramount's plans despite grand claims in the early days, pretty much don't have any bearing whatsoever on what you need to know before seeing the film.
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