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They killed every named Decepticon on Earth. Actually, DotM arguably had the highest Decepticon survival rate - we never see anything done about all the little groups who launch pillars around the world. The five named ones all die, but Megatron and Starscream especially would be a bit played-out in any TF4 - especially as the Fallen and Sentinel have proved that the films can do beaucoup box office without the main villain being named after a bad guy from a 1980s cartoon.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of a single decent prequel in pretty much any medium (excluding the odd flashback from a 'present day' title or show); maybe the book of the Hobbit and CS Lewis' Magician's Nephew, but not a huge amount else. There are probably a couple I've forgotten, but TBH the amount of crap prequels there've been outweigh them. I'm also struggling to think of any that have done box office that wasn't, at best, mildly underwhelming.

Like I've said here and elsewhere, a massive, massive amount of non-fan interest (i.e. close enough to all the ticket sales as a percentage to effectively be everyone; if fandom was to get together enough to boycott one of these things it would make next to zero difference to the box office) is down to the present day setting and the human characters. People like the way (close to) everyday road cars appear and turn into robots. Also, non-fans like the humans - talk to someone about the films and they're as likely to go on about Shia LeBeouf or Josh Duhamel as they are about Ratchet or Soundwave. Sure, they like the robots and the effects, but it's not the whole deal for them.

TBH, in a lot of ways I agree - it's pretty boring for a metal shape on a metal background to turn into a robot; there's nothing being done there that hasn't been done in cartoon or CGI form years ago. The most awesome bits of the films for me have been when the TFs interact with 'real' objects - the show-off Ironhide transformation at the start of RotF, Prime thumping Megatron with a tree, Bumblebee and Barricade leathering each other into bits of a power station, Shockwave striding around Chicago. That's what films can do for Transformers - why junk that in favour of something TF:Prime could do?

Transformers on Cybertron, especially olden days stuff, has only ever been popular with fans. Origin stuff in general is the same, which is why most of the superhero films get it out of the way with relative alacrity and get on with having a main villain for most of the running time.

No, I think the only realistic options are either sequel or reboot, and I think it's too soon for the latter - added onto which I don't really see the need (having a new Megatron, Prime and Bumblebee who would, I expect, look and act much the same as the Bay versions would be pointless and confusing). All they need is for another bunch of Decepticons to descend on Earth for some reason, and as long as there are Autobots there that won't be hard to come up with. The name recognition value of the Decepticons is basically irrelevant; really the only thing having Shockwave for DotM acheived was to allow Bay to punk newstards in a hilarious fashion (not much sneering about the disinformation campaign this time, is there?).

The main questions will be a) how successfully any new director apes Bay and b) how much the humans click with general audiences. For b) it's worth considering they picked Fox and LeBeouf up at just the right time, too.
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