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Point taken with Trek (though I'd say its' prequel bits took a back seat to its' reboot bits as far as casual audiences went). It's probably the exception that proves the rule, though, and benefits from being a prequel that largely does the same sort of thing Trek's always done.

I can see the Hobbit doing alright too, but again because it'll cover the same sort of ground as LotR (tenner says a lot of the lighter stuff from the first half of the book disappears and fifty percent of the run time is devoted to the Battle of the Five Armies).

However, I don't think either would prove much of a guideline for a TF prequel; TBH the main reason the Hobbit's being made is because no-one's ever finished reading the Silmarillion and there'd be a war if they simply came up with their own Lord of the Rings 4.
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