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Default DOTM Transcript [WIP]

Reading Key:
Italics are for subtitled things in the movie, like translated Cybertronian or locations.
<These brackets> means that the dialogue is spoken, but it's unclear and could be English or gibberish. It's unsubtitled and mostly rough guesses.
[These brackets] mean that the guy is shouting or growling or making some indistinct noise.
{These brackets} are Bumblebee's musical whatchamacalit.


Optimus Prime: We were once a peaceful race of intelligent, mechanical beings. But then... came the war, between the Autobots who fought for freedom... and the Decepticons who dreamed of tyranny. Overmatched and outnumbered, our defeat was all but certain.

Optimus Prime: But in the war's final days, one Autobot ship escaped the battle. It was carrying a secret cargo which would have changed our planet's fate.

Optimus Prime: A desperate mission. Our final hope.

Optimus Prime: A hope... that vanished.

Act One:

VLA Radio Observatory - New Mexico, 1961

Analyst: One up there. One over there. And one more down there.

Analyst: What you got?

NASA Analyst: Impact detected. We have impact confirmed... Contact at... twenty-two-fifty GMT.

NASA Director - Langley, Virginia

NASA Director: What? Get me Sec-Def on the phone right away.

Pentagon - National Security Command

President Aide: Mr. McNamara, the President is expecting you.

President Kennedy: Get Bobby in here.

McNamara: Mr. President. Designation top secret. We believe a UFO has crashed into the Moon. We think the Russians are onto it as well.

President Kennedy: Well, then you tell NASA to move heaven and earth. We need to get to the moon.

McNamara: We're going to attempt a manned mission. NASA said it would take five years.

President Kennedy: You get there before the Russians.

President Kennedy [background]: I believe that this nation should commit itself... to achieving the goal... before this decade is out... of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth.

Eight years later, July 16, 1969

Countdown Guy: Ten, nine- Ignition sequence start. Five, four, three, two, one. All engines running. Liftoff. We have a liftoff. Thirty-two minutes past the hour. Liftoff on Apollo 11 [trails off]

Neil Armstrong: Neil Armstrong reporting Apollo 11 on proper heading.

Walter Cronkite: Apollo 11 is on the way, riding that pillar of flame from the Saturn Five out there two hundred and fifty miles away where the moon is waiting for man 's first arrival.

NASA Officer: Houston, you're a go for landing. Over.

Neil Armstrong: Forty feet, down two and a half. Picking up some dust. Thirty feet, two and a half down. Faint shadow.

Buzz Aldrin: Capcom, flight. Four forward. Drifting to the right a little. Down a half. Contact light. Okay, engine stop.

Neil Armstrong: Houston, uh, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.

NASA people: [cheering]

NASA Officer: We copy you down, Eagle. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We're breathing again.

Walter Cronkite: Perhaps four hundred million persons are watching this broadcast today of the greatest event in our time and one of the great events of all recorded history.

Neil Armstrong: I'm at the foot of the ladder. Okay, I'm gonna step off the LEM now. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Black Ops Officer: Are we good?

Black Ops Technician: Yes, sir.

Neil Armstrong (?): Unofficial time on the first step, one-oh-nine, to- [static]

NASA Officer: Apollo 11? This is Houston, over.

NASA Officer: Eagle, we're getting a signal interference. Do you copy?

Walter Cronkite: We now have had confirmation of loss of signal from the Apollo Eleven. The Apollo Eleven is, at the moment, on the far side of the moon.

Black Ops Officer: Neil, you are dark on the rock. Mission is a go. We have 21 minutes.

Black Ops Officer: [obscured by static] three minutes, forty-five seconds and counting.

Neil Armstrong: My God... It's some sort of giant metal face.

Black Ops Technician: Jesus.

Neil Armstrong (could be Buzz): Control, we are inside the ship. Extensive damage. Way too big to check the entire ship. Everything's dead in here, Houston. No signs of life anywhere. These things are massive.

Black Ops Technician: We copy. You've got seven minutes on your oxygen. We are not alone after all, are we?

Neil Armstrong: No, sir. We're not alone.

Announcer: Go ahead, Mr. President.

President Nixon: Hello, Neil and Buzz. I'm talking to you by telephone from the Oval Room at the White House. And this certainly has to be the most historic telephone call ever made. I just can't tell you how proud we all are of you. For every American, this has to be the proudest day of our lives. Because of what you have done-

Announcer: We have splashdown.

President Nixon: -the heavens have become a part of man 's world. For one priceless moment in the whole history of man, all the people on this Earth are truly one. One in their pride in what you have done. It inspires us to redouble our efforts to bring peace, and tranquility, to Earth.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Act Two:

Carly: My hero... needs to wake up.

Sam: What is that?

Carly: This is your new lucky bunny.

Sam: Ah, it's a beautiful thought, Carly, but I don't think it's the whole bunny that's lucky. You see, it's just this section here, you see, it's just the rabbit foot that's lucky.

Carly: Well, it's just a good luck charm. Mmm? To help you think positive? Today is important.

Sam: Mmm...

Carly: Come on, get up. Hey, wear that nice tie.

Sam: Yeah.

Carly: You need any money for lunch?

Sam: No. I don't need any money for lunch. I have money from yesterday's lunch. You love it, don't you? I'm just your American boy toy.

Carly: [chuckles] A lover boy toy.

Sam: You know how demoralizing it is to have saved the world twice and still be grovelling for a job?

Carly: People don't know you saved the world, Sam. I mean, I do. I believe you.

Sam: The government knows. I mean they could hook me up with a job right here in D.C. I mean, I should be working with the Autobots, otherwise it's not fair.

Carly: Come on, they paid for your college. The President gave you a hero medal.

Sam: Yeah.

President Obama: Thank you, man. Great job.

Sam: That's the coolest thing that's ever happened to me.

President Obama: All right, guys.

Ron: What the fuc-

Judy: Wow.

Carly: And, as I recall, that wasn't even the highlight of your day.

Carly (flashback): Mister ambassador, here.

Woman: British Embassy, you're up next.

Judy: I- I- No, you don't wear it.

Sam: It's not-

Judy: See, you've gotta- the box.

Sam: I couldn't, even if I wanted to.

Judy: You're supposed to leave it in the box, right? You keep it in this. What a gorgeous box.

Sam: Pew. [Blows] Oh, yeah. My medal. You know who gave that to me?

Carly: Who?


Carly: Ah.

Sam: President of the United States. I-

Carly: Aaaah!

Carly (present day): Babe, it's hard for everybody to get a job.

Sam: I don't have time. You see, my parents are gonna be here in a week on their road trip Party-bus World Tour. If my dad gets here and I don't have a job, he's gonna spank me. You know, it's go time for me.

Carly: All right, tonight, I'll give you a job. Romance me with a nice dinner and, uh, maybe you can get that bonus.

Sam: Mm. Mmm...

Brains: Whooaah...

Carly: [screams]

Brains: Ah-ha. Get lucky.

Carly: Get him out of here.

Brains: Wait. No no no no no no no. Oof! Ow.

Carly: Oh, he's gross!

Brains: She's good.

Sam: I'm sorry. But they're stranded here. Somebody's got to watch out for them.

Carly: Yesterday, that one was in my underwear drawer.

Brains: Did research. Looking real good, too. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oww! No need to hit me, man.

Carly: You are so not a normal boyfriend.

Sam: That's what you love about me, yeah?

Brains: Crybaby.

Carly: We're not at the love word yet. Maybe a little bit closer when you're covering your half of the rent.

Sam: Goodbye.

Wheelie: Frickin' shorting my circuits out here! It's inhumane, what it is! Make us live in a box on a balcony, right next to a beast! Like a common animal!

Sam: Stop, okay? You and your creepy sidekick you can't be in here without permission.

Wheelie: Oh, according to who? Miss Blondy-Blond? Giddy up, little doggie! Hyah! Yo Brains, what's up?

Brains: Doing good.

Wheelie: Ah shit, I've seen this one. It's the one where Spock goes nuts. You know, Sam, I don't know about moving in with this chick. Uh. What if she dumps us like the last girl?

Brains: She was mean. Didn't like her.

Wheelie: Us guys got to stick together.

Brains: [singing] We are family!

Sam: No, we're not family. You're a political refugee, and I have finally found someone who appreciates me for me.

Brains: Well, you tell her that we're not your pets, and we're not your toys, all right? We're an advanced, genius alien race just looking for a home.

Judy: Maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

Ron: Didn't have to stop.

Judy: Come on. What're they going to do, tow it? Where is he? Ah! Sammy!

Ron: Sam.

Judy: Oh, come on, that's funny. Ha-ha.

Ron: Sam...

Sam: I missed you guys so much.

Judy: Sure, you did. What do you think?

Sam: Look at that. Wow.

Judy: Cute.

Sam: You look old.

Judy: Stop it.

Sam: Feel like I can see the end.

Judy: I love your little tie. Hey, where's my girl? Where's my beautiful Carly?

Sam: She's at work, Ma.

Judy: Right!

Sam: She's got a new job. You guys said you were gonna be here in a week.

Judy: Yeah...

Sam: The twenty first, not the eleventh, Dad, remember?

Ron: We just hauled ass in this thing. We stopped for gas.

Judy: This thing. The love tub, it flies. Oh, are we keeping you from something? Like, say, your job?

Ron: Well, it's about time.

Judy: [giggles]

Ron: You had us worried.

Sam: I have- uh- job interviews.

Judy: Oh. That's good.

Ron: That sucks.

Judy: Stop it.

Sam: You don't have to be so negative, Dad. You know, you're in D.C. You're here with your son and your family. I mean, it's a good time.

Ron: It sucks that you don't have a job.

Sam: Yeah, but there's good things to do here, too, right?

Judy: Yeah-

Sam: Right? Museums and monuments, okay?

Judy: Nothing to worry about.

Sam: I'll see you tonight.

Ron: I'm bagging the gift.

Judy: Sam, I think for an interview you should wear real pants.

Sam: I think for life you should wear real pants.

Judy: Oh, what- what happened to Bumblebee?

Ron: Jesus.

Sam: He's off on his missions. I had to get this for backup.

Ron: Oh, your car has a job, huh?

Judy: Stop. What does it change into?

Sam: It doesn't change into anything. It's a collector's item, Ma. I got it for a steal. It just needs some work. Trust me.

Judy: Oh. No, I think it's darling. It reminds me a lot of Bumblebee, if Bumblebee were- a sad piece of shit.

Judy: Come on, we'll give you a ride!

Act Three:

Optimus Prime: In the years since our arrival, our new home, Earth, has seen much change. Energon detectors guard its cities now. Long-range defense system watch the skies.

Middle East - Illegal Nuclear Site

Optimus Prime: So now we assist our allies, n solving human conflicts, to prevent mankind from bringing harm to itself.

Guard: The Defense Minister's car.

Guard: Raise the banner!

Dino: Yah-ha-ha! On the ground, per favore! And stay there!

Guards: Aaah!

Optimus Prime: We work in secret teams on various missions around the globe. And all the while, we search for signs... of our true enemies' return.

Voshkod: I am Voshkod, General Counsel with Ukrainian Department of Energy. My government will officially deny that we're having this conversation. At one of our decommissioned facilities, a, uh, discovery was made, which I fear may be... alien in nature. The facility's name is... Chernobyl.

Lennox: Mr Voshkod. So, uninhabited since '86. I hear it won't be livable again for another twenty thousand years?

Voshkod: At least. Ukraine was the most fertile land. It's a tragedy. This way.

Lennox: Gear up! We have sixty minutes on the ground. Watch your radiation levels. Mr Voshkod, where's your protective gear?

Lennox: Where is your protective gear?

Voshkod: It would not matter. For me, it's only a matter of time. Through the school.

Voshkod: Yuri will take you below And one other thing, Colonel. In private... there were some energy experiments-

Laserbeak: [growling]

Voshkod: Ahh! It can wait.

NEST Soldier: Keep moving. Stay tight.

NEST Soldier: Okay, right here. I think I found it.

Lennox: Optimus, we got a visual. Looks like the object's clamped in some kind of a metal harness.

NEST Soldier: What's this? Guys! Why does this thing have Soviet space program markings on it?

Lennnox: Sputnik?

NEST Soldier: Energon readings, sir. It's strong... below us. It's coming fast.

Driller: [roar]

NEST Soldier: Contact, contact! Oof-

Soldiers: [screaming]

Lennox: Get topside now! Move, move, move!

Driller: [growling & roaring]

Optimus Prime: [grunting]

Lennox: Let's go!

NEST Soldier: Weapons up! Heavy weapons up!

Optimus Prime: Stay behind me!

Lennox: Optimus!

NEST Soldiers: [screaming]

Lennox: Fall back! It's circling around us!

NEST Soldier: Taking our flank! It's taking our flank! Aah!

Optimus Prime: [grunting]

Lennox: Get the heavy weapon!

Shockwave: Optimus!

Optimus Prime: Hyaaah!

Driller: [growling]

Lennox: What the hell was that thing?

Optimus Prime: That... is Shockwave.

Lennox: Why was he after this?

Optimus Prime: It's impossible. This is an engine part... from a long lost Autobot ship.

Voshkod: [panting]

Laserbeak: [screeching] Pleasure working with you.

Act Four:

Judy: Interviews! This is so exciting! Honey, do you want some gum? Your breath gets really gnarly when you're nervous.

Secretary: Mister With-weeky?

Sam: Yeah. Search is over.

Whitley: I'm Mr. Whitley.

Sam: Mr-

Sam: Is anybody else joining?

Suited Interviewer: No.

Sam: No? You want me to move right there? I'll move right there.

Suited Interviewer: I'd prefer not.

Sam: Sensei.

Matsumoto: Ready? Begin.

Sam: I graduated this year. Majored in geopolitics. Minor in tech studies. Very interested in government and technology, how that's gonna intersect and co-exist. Shape the future...

Ron: Why did we bother sending him to an lvy college for? Three months out of school and he can't find a job?

Judy: Oh-

Sam: Mr Matsuhisu-

Matsumoto: Matsumoto.

Sam: -hasi

Matsumoto: Matsumoto.

Sam: -moto.

Sam: Martha, can I call you Martha?

Martha: No, you may not.

Sam: Okay, Jack, there's two types of people in this world. There's thinkers, there's doers.

Whitley: Hmm.

Sam: There's winners, there's dreamers and there's buddies.

Whitley: What about some weaknesses?

Sam: Pfft! I don't... You have a very trustworthy face. You remind me of like, uh, an Asian Colonel Sanders. A man I can trust.

Judy: He's a millennial. That means they're the, you know, like lost generation.

Suited Interviewer: Why was the FBI looking for you?

Sam: The what? Yeah, FBI. Good of you to flag that. It was during all that alien craziness when you were... fourteen. I mean, they were very kind to me, found me in a jiffy. Uh. And that's all been expunged. Obama gave me a medal, actually. I'm just saying. It's always good to have a medal guy in the office, with a medal.

Suited Interviewer: From Obama?

Sam: Yeah.

Suited Interviewer: In this office, we're... mostly Republicans, so...

Ron: I'm not feeling too good.

Sam: No?

Ron: No.

Sam: Why don't you get a little dipping tray and dip the dog in Pepto? That's a solution.

Ron: Hmm.

Sam: Pow. I got another one. We got to go. Come on.

Judy: Really?

Brazos: Sit.

Sam: Yeah. Okay.

Brazos: Got myself a Mr Sam Witwicky, recent college graduate. Previous experience, next to zero, yet... he has a recommend letter from our board? Double-you-tee-eff to that...

Sam: Do I know somebody on your board?

Brazos: Here's the deal. You know who we are. Accuretta Systems, global leader in telecom, aerospace, seventeen billion in profit last year. We contract for DARPA, NASA, JPL, you name it. You perform here, doors open for you anywhere. First job out of college is critical, kid. You either take a step down the correct career path or you fall into a life-sucking abyss.

Sam: Mmm.

Brazos: So it all depends on how you respond to my next two words: Impress me.

Sam: Now?

Brazos: Impress me.

Sam: You catch me off guard. I'm- I don't know where to begin.

Brazos: Impress me.

Sam: I- I'm an open book. Ask me any question you like.

Brazos: So you a go-getter, ramrod-

Sam: Yes, sir.

Brazos: -take-charge kind of guy?

Sam: I'm a killer. A stone-cold killer.

Brazos: So, take-charge guy?

Sam: Take-charge, Viking, barbarian, of course, that's me. Pow! I'm here.

Brazos: We are not looking for that here. No brown-nosing. No suck up. No toolery. I-

Brazos' Aide: Yes, Mr. Brazos.

Brazos: Why is Shontel using what appears to be a red cup from the red floor when we are on the yellow floor?

Brazos' Aide: I'm on it.

Brazos: It is a visual and, therefore, a visceral betrayal. Stop it!
Brazos' Aide: Such a dumbass.

Brazos: Disgusting! Thank you! It's total anarchy around here.

Shontel: [sobbing]

Sam: The, uh, email I, uh, read said administrative aide?

Brazos: Nope. Mail room.

Sam: I'm gonna go.

Brazos: Do you have any idea how many lvy League Phi Beta Kappas would kill to-

Sam: Mister, I saved your life twice. Okay? I can't tell you how or when or why, but I have done shit that matters. And I'd just kind of like a job where I matter again. So thank you, but no thank you, okay?

Brazos: You know what I think? You want the job after this job. But, son, this is the job that's standing in your way. And that's why you're gonna be so very very good at it. 'Cause when I look at you, I see a younger me.

Act Five:

Classified NEST Headquarters - Washington D.C.

NEST Announcer: All arriving Autobots, in pan training and debriefing in fifteen minutes. Dino, report to bay twenty-three. Sideswipe, bay thirty-seven for weapons assessment.

Mearing: Senator, I suggest you remember that when the NSA wants funding they call me. When the CIA is gonna take out a target, they ask first for my permission. And when the President wants to know which members of Congress are politically vulnerable in terms of, let's say, undiscovered criminal conduct, I'm the number he dials.

Newscaster: U. S. Agencies say they have been monitoring the blast. But if, in fact, this was a covert military strike, no nation has yet claimed responsibility.

Mearing: CIA is up my ass about this mystery raid in the Middle East. So, it's time to come clean. Was your unit involved?

Lennox: Ah... I'm not sure, ma'am.

NEST Soldier: All right, guys. This is how you do a Decepticon head kill shot.

Bumblebee: [whistling]

Mearing: As Director of National Intelligence, I'm a really big fan of intelligent answers. I can't really tell you definitively. These Autobots are like teenage kids. They like to sneak out of the house every once in a while.

Mearing: Colonel Lennox, are you in command or are you not?

Lennox: Yes, ma'am, I am. I-

Mearing: Stop with the ma'am. Enough with the ma'am. Do I look like a ma'am?

Lennox: No, ma'am. Ye- Yes, ma'am. Yes.

Que: This gun is my perfect invention, Ironhide.

Ironhide: Right.

Que: Oh, good! You're here! Me name's Que. I do hope you have answers for him. I've never seen him so upset before.

Lennox: Optimus, you remember Charlotte Mearing? Our Director of National Intelligence?

Dino: He's in a bad mood. He's-a not talking to anybody today.

Mearing: What is this, the silent treatment?

Ironhide: We've seen that, and this is not that.

Que: Definitely not.

Ironhide: This is worse. Prime! Make something of yourself!... He's pissed.

Optimus Prime: You lied to us. Everything humans know of our planet we were told had all been shared. So why was this found in human possession?

Mearing: We were in the dark on this also. It was Director Only clearance at Sector Seven until now. The bag.

Mearing's Aide: Which bag?

Mearing: Hermès. Birkin. Green ostrich! My God... This is a secret few men knew, and fewer still remain alive. Allow me to please introduce to you two of NASA's founding mission directors and astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin, one of the first two men to step foot on the moon. Sir? Optimus Prime.

Buzz Aldrin: From a fellow space traveler, it's a true honor.

Optimus Prime: The honor is mine.

Mearing: Our entire space race of the 1960's, it appears, was in response to an event.

NASA Officer: Our astronauts investigated a crashed alien ship. No survivors on board.

Buzz Aldrin: We were sworn to secrecy by our Commander in Chief.

NASA Commander (flashback): This was a mission you will never speak of.

Buzz (flashback): I understand, sir.

NASA Officer: A total of thirty five people knew the real plan at NASA.

NASA Officer: Soviets managed to land unmanned probes. Somehow they must have... picked up that fuel rod.

Mearing: We believe the Russians deduced that the rod was a fissionable fuel assembly, believed they had it mastered and tried to harness it at Chernobyl.

NASA Officer: We landed six missions in all. We took hundreds of photos and samples. We locked them away forever when the moon program was shut down.

Ironhide: Well, did you search the crash vault?

Optimus Prime: The ship's name was the Ark. I watched it escape Cybertron myself. It was carrying an Autobot technology which would have won us the war. And... its captain.

Mearing: Who was its captain?

Optoimus Prime: The great Sentinel Prime. The technology's inventor. He was commander of the Autobots before me. It's imperative that I find it before the Decepticons learn of its location. Our Autobot spacecraft has the ability to get there. And... you must pray it's in time.

Act Six:

Sam: Hi. I'm here to see Carly Spencer.

Sam: Carly!

Carly: Sorry, just gotta- You got the job?

Sam: This is crazy.

Carly: You really got it?

Sam: Yes.

Carly: See, what did I tell you? It's the bunny. [giggling] You are so welcome.

Sam: Do you like me more?

Carly: A little bit, yeah.

Sam: You said you were his assistant curator, you didn't say the guy owns Space Mountain.

Carly: I know. Isn't it beautiful in here? And, he's the coolest guy. Ever.

Dylan: Hmm.

Sam: Yeah?

Carly: Yeah.

Dylan: Sam! Dylan Gould.

Sam: Hey. A pleasure to meet you.

Dylan: Pleasure meeting you. Carly's told me a lot about you.

Sam: Well, vice versa. It's a- it's a beautiful building you got. It's like the Starship Enterprise in here.

Dylan: Heh-heh, thank you very much. It leaks. Now, before Carly came to help run the collection, it was just a... complete mess. But now, the restorations are back on track, we're going to Pebble Beach this year and we're gonna get a trophy for that stand right there. You know why? Because this woman right here is my secret weapon.

Carly: Oh.

Sam: Okay.

Carly: Mr. Gould, please, you exaggerate. All I've done is get you organized.

Dylan: Oh, you've done much more than that, my Duchess.

Sam: Oh. Nicknames, that's fun.

Dylan: Yeah. The Duchess.

Older Woman: She's adorable.

Dylan: You know, when I stole her away from the British Embassy, I said: It's easy to manage a country. Try managing a priceless collection of art. Take a look at this 1939 Delahaye 165 Cabriolet. Designed by a Frenchman. Look at the curves. Elegant, isn't it? Beautiful. Sensual. Built to evoke the body of the ideal woman. Come on. My dad had a ten dollar desk and a dream, and he built it into an empire.

Sam: Whoa-ha-ha! Wow.

Dylan: We're the largest accounting firm in the U.S. I started up the venture side after he, ah, passed. Invest in the future. Try and bet on the winners. See, collecting cars helps me keep my sanity.

Sam: You guys look great.

Carly: Oh. That was a great day, Mr. Gould.

Dylan: I haven't seen that one.

Carly: No. Me neither.

Dylan: Jeans are tight.

Sam: Oh. Here we go. Here we go. You see that? Judgment. Judging a man by his car? And you're gonna wave at him while he's judging me?

Carly: What's with you? He's my boss. This job pays for our food, our rent.

Sam: No, I totally understand. I'm totally fine. I get it. I'm well fed. And guess what? I'm not your boy toy anymore. I got my big boy pants on. You see them? In the car. Thank you, Duchess.

Carly: [chuckles] My god, are you threatened by him?

Sam: [obviously fake laughter] Threatened? What am I threatened by? His money? His power? His good looks? None of the above. Check!

Carly: God! Your temper tantrums are so sexy.

Sam: Get in the car, please. Sam, he's hardly the first man to ever smile at me. I think I can handle it.

Sam: Hold on, hold on. It's the smiling back part that gets me. Okay?

Carly: No more smiles. Never again. I promise.

Sam: See, that works for me.

Carly: Yeah?

Sam: [grunting]

Dylan: Easy! Easy! You're not gonna get it started that way.

Sam: Well, I was just getting it ready. I'm about thirty-two percent done with my restoration. Some chrome work, put a spoiler on the back. Done deal.

Dylan: You know, Carly's been telling me you've been struggling job-wise. Just so you know, I'm on the board for Accuretta Systems, and I, I put in a call for you. Let's keep it between us, okay? She's so proud of you. You're a lucky man.

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