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Simmons: Going to a gig on the hunt for two Russian cosmonauts. Nothing like driving in a Maybach, eh? Germans know how to make cars, let me tell you.

Simmons:My Dutchman, former NSA cybersleuth extraordinaire, tracked them down.. here. So, these cosmonauts went into hiding. Why?

Dutch: Bingo. I got a match.

Simmons: You're a German Shepherd, Dutch. The thing about Russians is, they never like to talk. It's gonna take a little of the international language.

Simmons: Do svidaniya.

Bouncer: That means good-bye.

Simmons: Watch this. [Hands money, speaks in Russian]

Bouncer: [Speaks in Russian]

Dimitri: [Speaks in Russian]

Yuri: Stay loose. [Speaks in Russian]

Simmons: Dutch, give me something tough.

Dutch: Ah.. B- baryshnikov.

Dimitri: We do speak English.

Simmons: Dutch, you suck.

Dutch: It's a Cyrillic alphabet! It's like all the buttons you never push on a calculator!

Russians: [laughing]

Dutch: I don't suck.

Simmons: Agent Seymour Simmons, Sector Eight, formerly Seven. We know who you are, cosmonautchiks.

Yuri: So what?

Simmons: You were supposed to travel to the dark side of the moon, then... Tch, it all got shut down. The question is, why?

Russian Woman: [speaks in Russian]

Dutch: Can my child smoke in here?

Bartender: [speaks in Russian]

Russian Woman: [speaks in Russian]

Dutch: [growls]

Sam: Ah- okay, all right, okay.

Simmons: Go ahead, shoot me.

Simmons: I'm willing to die for my country. Are you?

Russian Woman: [speaks in Russian]

Simmons: Really?

Russian Woman: [speaks in Russian]

Bartender: [shouts in Russian]

Simmons: You are beautiful. Has anyone ever told you you're beautiful?

Russian Woman: [speaks in Russian]

Simmons: She's a beautiful woman.

Bartender: [shouts in Russian]

Dutch: Hyaah! [Grunts]

Bartender: [screams]

Simmons: Whoa! Hey!

Dutch: [panting]

Simmons: Dutch! Back in the cage.

Dutch: Hyaaaah!

Sam: Whoa-

Other people in the bar: [screaming]

Simmons: Dutch! Hold, Dutch, hold!

Sam: Control your boy, please! Control your boy.

Simmons: Dutch, schtop! Ich-ku-klav-kush-kash-stooop!

Dutch: I'm so sorry... That is the old me.

Simmons: Okay, let's everybody just calm down, let's lower the heat, lower the guns, let's relax. World War Two is over.

Dimitri: You are about to see one of the biggest Soviet secrets. America first to send man to the moon. But USSR first to send camera. In 1959, our Luna Three take picture of the... dark, the shadow side. Sees nothing. But in 1963, Luna Four sees-

Yuri: Strange rocks.

Dimitri: Yeah.

Yuri: Around the ship. Hundreds of them.

Dimitri: Yeah, show picture.

Yuri: With some... drag marks.

Sam: I've seen these. These aren't rocks, these are pillars. Alien pillars for a space bridge. We know about them because the Autobots have five of these.

Simmons: Decepticons must have raided the ship before Apollo Eleven ever got there, took the pillars, and hid them.

Sam: It doesn't make sense. The Decepticons have the ship. They have all those pillars. Why would they leave Sentinel when he's the only one who can use them?

Simmons: Unless...

Sam: He's the one thing they still need.

Sam: We've got to meet up with Sentinel, rendezvous with him and keep him safe.

Act Thirteen:

Sam: Mearing, I just picked up Sentinel. Optimus is ten minutes behind. We're coming to NEST now.

Mearing: Mr Witwicky, I thought I made it clear to you that I did not want you calling this phone.

Sam: Listen, the whole thing has been a setup since the beginning. The Decepticons wanted Optimus to find Sentinel because only Optimus could revive him.

Mearing: But we have the space bridge.

Sam: Mearing, you have five pillars. I just learned that they have hundreds. You're doing exactly what they wanted you to do. What do you need me to say to you? The Decepticons are coming for Sentinel Prime!

Mearing: We're going to NEST.

NEST Announcer: We have an Energon alert. Energon readings detected on the D. C. Parkway.

NEST Analyst: Currently tracking. Three black Suburbans.

Crowbar: [roaring]

Simmons: Whoa! Nooooo!

Dreads: [growling]

Sam: Bee, you got to get Sentinel out of here! You got to guard him!

Dreads: [growling]

Dutch: Oh my god I'm fired!

Hatchet: [roaring]

Sam: Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!

Hatchet: [roar]

Hatchet: [pained growl]

Dino: Got you! Ah ha ha ha!

Sam: Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot him, Bee!

Hatchet: [growling]

Sam: Bee, you've got to move faster! Faster, Bee! Go!

Sam: Bee! Move- [lots and lots of screaming] All right, back to NEST!

Sideswipe: Dino, I got him!

Sam: Ironhide!

Crowbar: [pained growling]

Crankcase: [growling]

Crowbar: [speaks in Cybertronian]

Ironhide: Is there a... problem?

Sideswipe: Whoa. Little Mexican standoff we got here.

Ironhide: Weapons down.

Sideswipe: And we'll let you escape with your dignity.

Crankcase: [speaks in Cybertronian]

Crowbar: [speaks in Cybertronian]

Ironhide: Drop them... That's good.

Crowbar: [growl]

Sideswipe: Ironhide, watch out!

Ironhide: Yaah!

Sideswipe: [grunting] Ironhide, catch!

Crowbar: [roaring]

Sideswipe: Behind you!

Crankcase: [growling, spluttering]

Ironhide: Decepticon punk.

Ironhide: Class dismissed.

Lennox: Get inside! Let's go!

NEST Guard: Move! Keep moving!

Sam: Lennox!

Lennox: Go go go go go.

Sam: We got Decepticons everywhere.

Lennox: I've got my whole team deployed looking for them. Ironhide! Protect Sentinel. Get him locked up inside.

Ironhide: Consider it done!

Sam: Hey, you've got to guard him, 'cause he's the key to the whole thing.

Sentinel Prime: Indeed I am. What you must realize, my Autobot brothers, is we were never going to win the war. For the sake of our planet's survival, a deal had to be made... with Megatron.

Ironhide: [grunting]

Lennox: Get back!

Ironhide: What have you- done-

Sentinel Prime: I hereby discharge you from duty.

Ironhide: No-

Bumblebee: [whistling noises]

NEST Troops: Get back! Get back!

Sam: Bee!

Lennox: Get back!

Bumblebee: [whistling noises]

NEST Troops: [screaming]

Sam: Whoa!

Lennox: Rally all NEST forces back to the base! Come on! Come on!

Ironhide: [groaning]

NEST Soldier: Get a medic down here!

Lennox: All right, we don't have enough men! Do not engage Sentinel!

Mearing: Just go to the back gate.

NEST Soldier: Take cover!

NEST Soldier: Watch left! Watch left!

Mearing: Let's go! Follow me!

NEST Soldier: Oh- hell no-

NEST Soldier: Fall back!

Mearing's Bodyguard: Director, don't go there!

Mearing: Stand down! Hey, Sentinel!

Mearing's Bodyguard: Director!

Mearing: What is going on? What do you think you are doing?

Sentinel Prime: I am a Prime! I do not take orders from you.

Lennox: Director Mearing, come on. We cannot fight him. Let's go. We have to go.

NEST Soldiers: Fall back fall back!

Sentinel Prime: Now! Return what belongs to me!

Mearing: Ohhh... my God!

Lennox: Move!

NEST Soldier: You guys okay?

NEST Soldier: Is everybody out? Is everybody out?

NEST Soldier: Everybody, stay calm. You're gonna be fine.

Mearing: Yeah, take a look, Optimus! This is all on you!

NEST Soldier: Sentinel hit the vault! Took the pillars.

Lennox: Come on, let's go. All right, notify the 101st Airborne! We need to hunt this thing down!

Act Fourteen:

Sam: [panting] Carly!

Ron: Hot from our little campfire.

Judy: Aww.

Ron: S'mores. Isn't that great? We were really living off the land.

Sam: Mom, Dad, have you guys seen Carly come home yet?

Judy: Excuse me. Can you knock, please? This is our bedroom.

Ron: Why wouldn't she be at home?

Sam: We had a fight and- we m- might have broken up, or be on a break. I don't really know.

Judy: What? No.

Sam: Look, I can't- I just can't- talk about it right now-

Judy: You've got to be kidding me.

Sam: I can't go into details, Mom. I have to find her.

Judy: Sit down! We're having a family meeting. Family meeting! You may not know this, but your father and I were not always this perfectly happy. You know, there was a time in our marriage when I thought this was not gonna work out. I just can't understand-

Sam: Can we please not?

Ron: She's damaging him.

Judy: You break up with one world-class hottie-

Sam: No. Stop. Stop, okay?

Judy: Yeah.

Sam: She dumped me, I moved on to something better. That's it. I'm a happier person.

Judy: The second beautiful girl, and you lose her-

Sam: Why don't you help me?

Ron: They had an argument.

Judy: You're a good looking kid, and-

Sam: One fight.

Judy: You're not gonna get a third one, I mean, unless you have like a, big-

Sam: What the f- Mom, mom, mom!

Judy: Maybe it's something else. Maybe you just don't know what you're doing.

Sam: [fake coughing] I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Judy: You need the book.

Ron: You're always wrong. Get used to it.

Judy: Tell him about the book. Okay. This. You've gotta read this. 'She Comes First.' There's some killer shit in here.

Sam: No. No. No.

Ron: Oh. That's it, I'm going.

Sam: No. No! No!

Judy: Sit down! Sit down! Back me up!

Ron: Happy wife happy life.

Judy: Heck yeah.

Ron: Unhappy wife, stone-cold misery for the rest of your-

Judy: Stop.

Ron: It's true.

Judy: All I'm saying is, do you love this girl?

Sam: She's the one.

Judy: Then you gotta go get her. I mean, your dad and I, when we had troubles, he moved heaven and earth to find me. Look at- Say what you said. Say it.

Ron: I will follow you to the end of time. Does that suck or what?

Judy: No, it's so sweet.

Ron: It's like a bad sci-fi film.

Sam: I want you to get out of the city. You guys get as far away from here as you can. You understand? I love you.

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